2022-08-22 - Gary Hilson

What Legacy Will Money-Losing Optane Have?

Adding a tier of memory between DRAM and NAND is now widely seen as a worthy goal.

2022-08-19 - Alan Patterson

Micron’s Mixed CapEx Plans Square Up, Analyst Says

Following Micron's pledge to invest $40 billion on enactment of the U.S. CHIPS Act, Micron CFO Mark Murphy told investors…

2022-08-17 - Steve Shih, Silicon Motion

Silicon Motion NAND Memory Solutions for Autonomous and Electric Automotive Applications

NAND memory offers the only storage solution that is fast, rugged and secure enough for the new architectures being implemented…

2022-08-15 - SMART Modular Technologies Inc.

SMART Modular’s Zefr Optimizes Memory Subsystems for Maximum Uptime

SMART Zefr Memory uses a proprietary screening process that when performed on memory modules ensures the highest levels of uptime and…

2022-08-11 - TrendForce

Consumer DRAM Market to See 13-18% Price Declines

3Q consumer DRAM price declines are expected to increase from the original estimate of 8~13% to a quarterly decline of…

2022-08-03 - SK hynix Inc.

SK hynix Unveils 238-Layer 4D NAND Flash

SK hynix has shipped samples of the 238-layer 512Gb TLC 4D NAND product to customers with a plan to start…

2022-08-02 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Neuromorphic Device with Low Power Consumption

CEA-Leti built and tested an event-driven, object-localization system that consumes virtually no power.

2022-07-27 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics Launches Serial Page EEPROM

STMicroelectronics' Serial Page EEPROM is a high-density, page-erasable SPI memory that delivers unique and unprecedented flexibility and performance with ultra-low…

2022-07-25 - Gary Hilson

eMMC Holds Its Own Against UFS

A mature eMMC interface remains the best choice for low–power, low–capacity applications.

2022-07-21 - TrendForce

Overstocked Supply Chain to Drive NAND Flash Price Declines of 8-13% in 3Q22

Due to the rapid deterioration of the balance between supply and demand, TrendForce estimates the drop in NAND flash pricing…

2022-07-20 - Alan Patterson

Weakening Memory Demand Signals Semiconductor Slowdown

As memory demand slows, analysts warn semiconductor sales are also likely to wane.

2022-07-18 - Gary Hilson

Removability and Flexibility Features Continue to Drive Storage Card Market

Despite cloud storage and embedded options, the storage card market has seen renewed interest in removeable memory storage cards.