2021-09-17 - Tektronix and Keithley Experts

5G: It’s Not Just a Mobile Network!

It takes more than just the 5G mobile phone and network to enable the entire 5G revolution. This article highlights…

2021-09-14 - SkyWater Technology

Weebit and SkyWater Partner to Take ReRAM Technology to Volume Production

SkyWater licenses Weebit's ReRAM tech for a range of customer designs to enable higher performance and lower power memory solutions…

2021-09-06 - TrendForce

DRAM Module Revenue Up 5% YoY in 2020

Global DRAM module revenue increased by about 5% year-on-year to $16.9 billion for 2020, according to TrendForce.

2021-09-02 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Solving AI’s Memory Bottleneck

HBM2e provides the best memory performance for big AI chips—so why isn't everyone using it?

2021-08-31 - Gary Hilson

Emerging Memories Look to Displace NOR, SRAM

Emerging memories are projected to be a $44 billion market by 2031, likely displacing NOR flash, SRAM, and DRAM.

2021-08-30 - Wilson Huang

Another NAND Flash for Automotive, OTA, AI, and More

The challenge is adding that memory density without increasing the cost of the device or system too much.

2021-08-26 - Gary Hilson

Samsung Expands PIM Ambitions

Samsung will bring HBM-PIM memory technology to more use cases, including power-hungry artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.

2021-08-24 - Gary Hilson

Rambus Preps for HBM3

AI and machine learning designs are accelerating premium memory standard evolution.

2021-08-23 - Rambus Inc.

Rambus HBM3-Ready Memory Subsystem Advances AI/ML Performance

Rambus' HBM3-ready memory interface subsystem supports breakthrough data rates of up to 8.4Gbps and can deliver over 1Tbps of bandwidth.

2021-08-20 - IC Insights

Samsung Overtakes Intel to Become World’s Largest Semi Supplier in 2Q 2021

Samsung's total semiconductor sales increase to $20.3 billion, moving it past Intel to become the world's largest semiconductor supplier in…

2021-08-17 - Gary Hilson

CrossBar Aims to Secure Computing with ReRAM

CrossBar will apply its technology for use in hardware security applications in the form of ReRAM-based cryptographic physical unclonable function…

2021-08-12 - Gary Hilson

Data Movement Depends on PCIe

The Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) bus standard has a lot riding on it. Or perhaps more accurately, needs to…