2017-07-07 - Rick Merritt

Moore’s Law end shakes industry

The industry may still be in denial about the future of Moore's Law. With no clear replacement for CMOS scaling,…

2017-07-07 - Rick Merritt

Goodbye DRAMS, hello franken-systems

Domain-specific architectures will rise to improve performances in target markets.

2017-07-05 - EE Times Asia

Samsung pumps $18B into memory chip production

The semiconductor fabrication line in Pyeongtaek has already begun mass production and shipping its first product to customers, according to…

2017-07-04 - Toshiba

Toshiba unveils 1.5TB QLC 3D Flash

Toshiba has claimed the first 1.5TB QLC 3D Flash memory. The prototype uses a die with a capacity of 768Gb…

2017-07-04 - Gary Hilson

Embedded MRAM moves into 22nm node

eMRAM has the ability to retain data through solder reflow at 260°C, and for more than 10 years at 125°C,…

2017-06-29 - IC Insights

Cellphone IC sales to surge in 2017

Although there will be sales growth in both cellphones and personal computing systems, cellular IC sales are forecast to surge…

2017-06-28 - Vivek Nanda

Growing EU, emerging economies propel industrial spending

While predicting improved economic conditions in 2017, IHS Markit has ranked the top 20 companies by their share of the…

2017-06-19 - Gary Hilson

Controller supports SD 6.0 spec

Silicon Motion Technology has introduced what it claims is the first merchant SD memory controller to support SD 6.0 spec…

2017-06-06 - Dick James

Sony embeds DRAM in image sensors

Sony's latest Xperia offerings pack a 3-layer CMOS image sensor with embedded DRAM, pushing the limits of what can be…

2017-05-29 - Silicon Storage Technology

ON Semiconductor qualifies SST’s OTP tech

SST claims that its OTP solution reduces production costs while maximising reliability and programming yield on ON Semiconductor's SP110 (110nm…

2017-03-31 - Vivek Nanda

Memory spike forces IC Insights forecast rework

An unforeseen spike in DRAM and NAND flash ASPs has forced IC Insights to revise its previously slow IC market…

2017-03-14 - University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering

Setting new record speed for magnetic tunnel junction

The recent advancement establishes a new means of communication between fibre optics and magnetic devices, according to researchers.