2016-08-17 - Vivek Nanda

Researchers shrink chemical sensor to fit phone

Using Raman scattering and a new material, Cornell researchers are close to building a chemical sensor on a chip.

2016-08-10 - Julien Happich

Hardware accelerators speed up edge detection for embedded apps

Hardware accelerators in the demonstration have achieved up to 50 times faster motion detection without a significant increase in power…

2016-08-05 - STMicroelectronics

Low-dropout regulator comes in bumpless chip-scale package

The LDBL20’s bumpless package breaks through the minimum I/O-area and height limitation imposed by the diameter of traditional flip-chip solder…

2016-07-22 - Ams AG

Hitkit supports designs in analogue 180nm CMOS tech

The PDK provides a plug-and-play tool set with improved analogue features and device performance as well as highly accurate simulation…

2016-07-15 - Alliance Memory

Low-voltage SDRAM delivers up to 1600Mbps/pin transfer rate

The 8GB DDR3L SDRAM operates from a single 1.35V power supply and is backwards-compatible with 1.5V power supplies to enable…

2016-07-14 - On Semiconductor

8MP image sensor improves near-infrared sensitivity

The enhanced sensitivity can be critical in applications such as scientific and medical imaging, machine vision or intelligent transportation systems.

2016-07-08 - Neil Oliver

Peek into the future of wearable medical electronics

With the right power management, design and production controls and when used under the guidance and on the recommendation of…

2016-06-27 - Julien Happich

Liquid-based pressure sensor takes bending, stretching loads

Moulded out of soft silicone rubber bonded to a PET film with two strips of screen-printed silver electrodes running through…

2016-06-08 - AVX

Medical Selector Guide speeds up device development

AVX has unveiled an interactive Medical Selector Guide that contains industry-specific summary information about its line-up of electronic components for…

2016-06-06 - Silvio Lauckner

Accurate USB temperature sensor has minimal parts

At the heart of this simple, accurate, and reliable USB temperature sensor is a USB-to-serial converter.

2016-05-31 - Toni Urrutia

Stretchy, wearable circuits to accelerate IoT

The research team says that the platform's key advantage lies in its unique structure - the stretchable integrated circuits that…

2016-05-30 - Vishay Intertechnology

Long-life UV LED with silicon lens supports up to 370nm

The Vishay Semiconductors VLMU3510-365-130 comes in a compact 3.45mm x 3.45mm surface-mount package for medical, industrial and printing applications.