2022-10-21 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Pete Warden’s Startup Puts AI in the Sensor

A founding father of tinyML co-founded Useful Sensors to help appliance manufacturers add AI capabilities to everyday objects with AI-enabled…

2022-09-21 - Edge Impulse

Edge Impulse and Infineon Partner on Machine Learning Software Support for PSoC 6 MCUs

The partnership expands Infineon's ModusToolbox software ecosystem to Edge Impulse's studio environment, allowing for easy configuration of the PSoC 6…

2022-09-20 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Nvidia Exhibits Hopper in Latest MLPerf Benchmarks

In the latest round of MLPerf AI inference benchmarking scores, Nvidia showed up to 4.5x performance of A100 for its…

2022-09-08 - SiMa.ai

SiMa.ai Launches Machine Learning SoC Built on TSMC 16nm Technology

SiMa.ai has delivered a software-centric MLSoC Platform that enables quick and Effortless ML experiences for the embedded edge.

2022-09-06 - Eldar Sido

Cybersecurity Threats Loom Over Endpoint AI Systems

As TinyML adoption continues to grow, it's important to be aware of various attacks that can negatively impact your TinyML…

2022-07-20 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics NanoEdge AI Studio Now Supports On-device Learning, Inferencing in Intelligent Sensors

STMicroelectronics' NanoEdge AI Studio machine-learning design software now supports smart sensors that contain ST's embedded ISPU.

2022-06-16 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas to Acquire Reality AI

Renesas is enhancing its endpoint AI capability with the acquisition of Reality AI.

2022-05-25 - Ron Martino, Robert Oshana, Natraj Ekambaram, Ali Osman Örs, and Laurent Pilati, NXP Semiconductors

Edge Computing Intelligence

Here's a look at the benefits of machine learning inference at the edge, and what designers need to know regarding…

2022-05-18 - MegaChips Corp.

Quadric and MegaChips Collaborate to Bring IP Products to ASIC and SoC Market

The collaboration will leverage high-performance Quadric GPNPU architecture to deliver on-device AI solutions.

2022-05-11 - M. Tim Jones, Mouser Electronics Inc.

Machine Learning Requires Multiple Steps

Deploying machine learning is a multi-step process. This article discusses the steps and breaks them down for a better understanding…

2022-04-18 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Syntiant Leads TinyML Benchmark Results

Nvidia once again faced down Qualcomm in the data center and edge divisions of MLPerf.

2022-04-13 - BrainChip Holdings Ltd

BrainChip and SiFive Partner to Deploy AI/ML Technology at the Edge

BrainChip and SiFive have combined their respective technologies to offer chip designers optimized AI/ML compute at the edge.