2020-01-15 - STMicroelectronics

ST’s First LoRa SoC for Connecting Smart Devices

STMicroelectronics' STM32 System-on-Chip Accelerates Creation of Smart Devices with LoRa® IoT Connections

2019-07-08 - Rick Merritt

LoRa, NB-IoT Lead the Pack in LPWAN Race

LoRa and the NB-IoT will grab most of the long-range IoT network action through 2023, according to a new report.

2019-01-25 - Mouser Electronics

SiPs Deliver Low-Power LoRa Solution for Edge Devices

Mouser Electronics is now stocking the SAM R34 LoRa Sub-GHz SiP family from Microchip Technology. The SAM R34 SiP family…

2019-01-24 - Rick Merritt

LoRaWAN Deployments Pass 100 Operators Milestone

The LoRa Alliance claims that it has more than 100 networks operating around the world. It plans to expand certification…

2018-06-11 - Rick Merritt

IMEC Tech Forum: 8 Projects

Rick Merritt rounds up the happenings in Antwerp with the words "radar more politically correct than cameras"

2018-01-09 - Rick Merritt, EE Times

LoRa Taps New Chips, Smart Homes

Semtech announced new LoRa chips while an analyst predicted that it will match Narrowband-IoT and surpass Sigfox in low-power, wide-area…