2020-01-30 - Illumi Huang

Huawei, Apple Use TSMC But Their 7nm SoCs Are Different

Most SoCs in 2019 use 7nm process technologies. But at a closer look, everyone’s 7nm – used in smartphone SoCs…

2019-10-17 - Alan Patterson

TSMC Leading the way in EUV Adoption

TSMC's boast that it is the first to commercialize EUV lithography is probably justified, according to analysts.

2019-06-06 - Rick Merritt

EUV Ready but still has its Challenges

Extreme ultraviolet lithography still faces reliability issues, but it's ready for volume use, Intel's EUV chief said

2019-03-06 - Regina Freed

Overcoming Edge Placement Error (EPE)

Edge placement error has emerged as a new challenge to good semiconductor yields, says an expert from Applied Materials who…

2019-03-04 - Rick Merritt

SPIE Conference Predicts Bumpy Chip Roadmap

The semiconductor roadmap could extend a decade to a 1-nm node or it could falter before the 3-nm node for…

2018-05-29 - Rick Merritt

EUV Nears Fabs

List of EUV related concerns shrinking rapidly as industry collectively pushes onward

2018-05-24 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

3nm in Samsung Plans for 2021

Outlines future roadmap, starting with 7nm EUV during second half of 2017

2018-05-03 - Rick Merritt

TSMC Ready for EUV on 7, 5nm

TSMC roadmap reveals 7 and 5nm with EUV, projecting 12 million wafers produced in 2018

2018-04-10 - Jonas Klar, EE Times Asia

Photomask Sales Hit Record Levels

Several years of incremental growth erupted into a 13 percent leap in 2017

2018-03-26 - Rick Merritt

2nm: End of the Road?

The law of diminishing returns may prove anything smaller than 5nm difficult

2018-03-02 - Rick Merritt

3nm Node Set for 2023 Production?

Cadence and Imec making strides, projecting tapeout of 64-bit CPU as early as late 2018

2018-02-27 - Rick Merritt

Challenges, Defects in 5nm EUV

Differing forecasts on 5nm EUV manufacturing process as Imec researchers uncover random defects