2021-01-13 - Junko Yoshida

CES 2021: Mobileye Expects Consumer AV in 2025

Predicting consumer AV in 2025, Mobileye's CEO outlined strategies to make AVs “scalable, transferrable, economically viable and legislatively acceptable."...

2021-01-07 - Joanne Wu

LiDAR Revenue Expected to Reach $2.9B in 2025

LiDAR revenue expected to reach US$2.9 billion in 2025, with ADAS/autonomous vehicles (AV) as primary applications, says TrendForce...

2020-10-09 - Stephen Las Marias

ST Enabling Industry on its Journey Towards Autonomous Driving

STMicroelectronics discusses the different levels of vehicle automation, and how they are enabling the industry on its journey towards autonomous…

2020-07-17 - Junko Yoshida

Ouster to Challenge Waymo with Digital LiDAR

While the automotive lidar market remains in flux, Ouster, a San Francisco-based lidar startup founded in 2016, is confident that…

2020-06-08 - Junko Yoshida

Look Inside iPad Pro 11’s LiDAR Scanner

With Apple iPad Pro 11 featuring LiDAR Scanner, 3D sensing has gotten richer, more granular. Time of Flight (ToF) comes…

2020-05-22 - Junko Yoshida

Startup Adopts 3-Pronged Approach for LiDAR

Automotive lidar tech supplier Lumotive unveiled three-pronged pivot, by adding smartphone lidar chips to its roadmap...

2020-03-02 - Maxim Integrated

Industry’s Smallest LiDAR ICs by Maxim

Tiny, high-bandwidth transimpedance amplifier and high-speed comparator add 32 additional channels to a LiDAR module with the same overall solution…

2019-12-12 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

Hyperspectral Imaging to Change Agricultural Production

A hyperspectral remote sensing center is being launched to power precision agriculture, mining and infrastructure inspection applications.

2019-11-26 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

Telecommunications Systems for Space Environments

The growing interest in Test & Measurements and Space solutions for special applications such as Lidar and radio-astronomy has increased…

2019-05-17 - Brian Santo

Architecture Still Entrenched in Mechanical Era Practices

All sorts of high-tech solutions were suggested for rebuilding Notre Dame. Hardly anyone in civil engineering can afford all that…