2021-01-20 - TrendForce

LED Chip Prices Spiking Due to Higher Demand for Mini LED

Shortage caused by explosive growth in Mini LED demand to result in 5-10% price hike for LED chips, says TrendForce...

2021-01-07 - Gary Hilson

Blue-glowing Quantum Dots for Use in Next-Gen LEDs

Researchers develop quantum dots that could lead to brighter, sharper TV screens...

2020-12-29 - TrendForce

Global LED Demand Set to Rebound in 2021

Global LED demand set to rebound from rock bottom in 2021, with forecasted US$15.7 billion in yearly revenue, says TrendForce...

2020-12-14 - Advanced Energy

Transforming indoor farming with intelligent lighting power & control system

Innovative technology breaks down barriers to indoor, vertical and greenhouse farming by reducing power consumption, cutting costs and increasing crop…

2020-10-22 - Trendforce

Cree to Divest LED Operations as Part of Business Transformation

Industry Giant Cree to Divest Its LED Operations as Part of Business Transformation, While LED Supply Chain Continues Its Shift…

2020-10-13 - George Leopold

Shedding Light on Li-Fi for the Data Networks

Light Fidelity could be the next big indoor networking technology...

2020-08-31 - Lextar

New-Gen I-Mini LED Modules Entering Mass Production

Lextar Electronics unveils a full series of I-Mini Blue LED backlighting products adopting 3 key technologies including COB, DOB and…

2020-08-11 - TrendForce

LED Smart Street Light Revenue Projected to Exceed $1B by 2024

Chinese companies are the primary drivers of global smart street light development, as Huawei and Tencent attain market dominance...

2020-07-01 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

LEDs: The Bright Future of Automotive Lighting

Solid-state lighting is an enabling technology in the automotive field which offers new functionalities, greater security, design flexibility, easier integration…

2020-07-01 - LEDinside

Mini LED Supply Chain to Benefit from 1Q21 Release of Apple’s New iPad Pro

Apple is expected to release its 12.9-inch in 1Q21, and has chosen Taiwanese manufacturers of display-related components to supply its…

2020-06-19 - TrendForce

Epistar and Lextar to Seize Opportunities in Micro/Mini LED through Formation of New Holding Company

Epistar and Lextar announced their plan to jointly establish a holding company through share conversion...:

2020-06-08 - STMicroelectronics

150W Evaluation Board and Reference Design for Efficient LED Streetlamps

ST EVL150W-HVSL LED-driver evaluation board and reference design integrates features that ensure high performance and save BOM costs.