2016-10-14 - B+B SmartWorkx

Modbus eavesdropper translates SCADA protocols to IT

Rather than overwhelm the IT/OT system with data, SmartSwarm 351 collects, filters and aggregates raw data through simple user configuration.

2016-10-14 - Rick Merritt

IoT consumer groups blend app frameworks

The merge paves the way to a common open-source framework to provide the most viable alternative to smart home environments…

2016-10-10 - oneM2M

New global standard addresses IoT security concerns

Release 2 opens up the IoT ecosystem to devices that lack the protocol and enable interworking among systems.

2016-10-08 - Graham Prophet

Silicon Labs brings IoT RTOS in-house with Micrium buy

Micrium’s RTOS software has been ported to more than 50 microcontroller architectures.

2016-09-19 - Richard Quinnell

IoT shift may greatly impact embedded developers

While IoT devices are embedded systems, not all embedded systems are IoT devices. At least, not yet.

2016-08-18 - Vivek Nanda

Gartner reveals 3 strategic emerging technology areas

Gartner annual Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies has identified three distinct areas that are poised to be of the highest…

2016-07-27 - Microchip

Demo kit integrates low-power BLE sensor node

The kit includes the SAM L21 that achieves a ULPBench score of 185, the highest recorded score for any Cortex-M0+…

2016-07-26 - Microchip Technology

MCUs feature core independent peripherals for CPU offloading

The PIC32MM devices include core independent peripherals such as CLC and MCCPs which help enable sensorless BLDC motor control applications.

2016-07-22 - Junko Yoshida

SoftBank banks hard on hardware

SoftBank’s CEO stresses that ARM will become central to the company's core biz, and that hardware is key to platform…

2016-07-22 - Junko Yoshida

Architecture for AI, security can leverage SoftBank: IHS

Son envisions ARM to define a platform for the future of secure IoT, connected cars and artificial intelligence.

2016-07-22 - Peter Clarke

IoT to propel sensors, peripherals growth by 24% by 2021

ABI Research reckons sensors and peripherals will be 65% of an installed base of 47 billion units by 2021, double…

2016-07-19 - Peter Clarke

SoftBank takes IoT a step further with ARM buy

SoftBank wants to take the lead in the global IoT, autonomous car revolution and thinks it can help ARM make…