2022-04-22 - Majeed Ahmad

Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Intel and the Great Semiconductor Fab Game

Find out where Intel stands in its bid to compete with fab business behemoths TSMC and Samsung.

2022-03-17 - Intel Corp.

Intel to Invest Over €33B for R&D and Manufacturing in EU

Intel has announced the first phase of its plans to invest as much as €80 billion in the EU over…

2022-03-08 - Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express

Industry Leaders Join Forces to Standardize Chiplet Ecosystem

Industry leaders have formed a consortium that will establish a die-to-die interconnect standard and foster an open chiplet ecosystem.

2022-02-28 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Intel Gets its ‘Grove’ Back

An ebullient Pat Gelsinger laid out the strategy during Intel's Investor Day, including more than a hint of Grove-ian determination.

2022-02-22 - Synopsys Inc.

Synopsys Joins IFS Ecosystem Alliance

Mutual customers gain access to Synopsys' EDA and IP solutions for Intel technologies to minimize design risk and accelerate time-to-market.

2022-02-22 - Alan Patterson

Intel Will Rely on TSMC for its Rebound

Intel will join Apple to order the world's first 3-nm chips from TSMC as the Taiwan chip foundry ramps up…

2022-02-18 - Siemens Digital Industries Software

Siemens Joins Intel Foundry Services’ EDA Alliance Program

As part of the alliance, Siemens plans to collaborate closely with IFS to optimize best-in-class IC design tools, flows and…

2022-02-17 - Cadence Design Systems Inc.

Cadence Joins Intel Foundry Services Ecosystem Alliance to Advance Chip Design Innovation

Cadence has joined the new IFS Ecosystem Alliance to support mutual customers with the development and delivery of innovative SoC…

2022-02-16 - Intel Corp.

Intel to Acquire Tower Semiconductor for $5.4B

The acquisition accelerates Intel's path to becoming a major provider of foundry services and capacity globally.

2022-02-14 - Steve Leibson

Intel Bets on Blockchain

Blockchain is the foundation of a distributed ledger system that holds out the best promise for protecting all sorts of…

2022-02-14 - Sally Ward-Foxton

A Big Week for RISC-V

Intel's support for RISC-V and the collapsed Nvidia-Arm deal mean the IC industry has moved beyond two leading chip architectures.…

2022-02-09 - Alan Patterson

AMD Acquisition of Xilinx Heats Up Competition with Intel

AMD's acquisition of Xilinx promises to raise the stakes in the second-ranked CPU maker's competition with Intel.