2016-11-16 - MagnaChip Semiconductor

MagnaChip rolls 0.13µm RF-CMOS process for wireless MCUs

The technology includes the necessary components such as RF-CMOS devices and passive devices, including EEPROM IP.

2016-11-16 - Synopsys

Expanded test and yield analysis solution targets 7nm node

To improve defect coverage, Synopsys has been collaborating with semiconductor companies to advance testing and diagnostics methods for 7nm processes.

2016-11-09 - AMS AG

AMS offers 180nm CMOS, HV-CMOS multi-project wafer runs

Overall, AMS will offer almost 150 MPW start dates in 2017. The MPW service offers the whole range of 180nm…

2016-11-03 - Rick Merritt

US sets up chip study group exploring China, Moore’s law

The group will look at ways to strengthen the U.S. industry in the face of competition from China and the…

2016-11-03 - Rick Merritt

Chip study group reviews US semicon competitiveness

The SIA has long lobbied to lower U.S. statutory tax rates which at 35% are higher than rates of competing…

2016-10-28 - International Data Corporation

AI adoption to push 2020 global revenues past $47B

The industries that will invest the most in cognitive/AI systems in 2016 are banking and retail, followed by healthcare and…

2016-10-19 - Rick Merritt

Samsung’s plans to ship 10nm SoCs in full sail

The 10LPE process uses triple-patterning lithography to deliver up to a 30% area shrink, 27% higher performance or 40% lower…

2016-10-19 - Rick Merritt

Samsung losing foundry share in 2016

Samsung’s slowdown is in part due to expectations TSMC is grabbing most of the business making Apple A-series processors in…

2016-10-14 - Rick Merritt

IoT consumer groups blend app frameworks

The merge paves the way to a common open-source framework to provide the most viable alternative to smart home environments…

2016-10-10 - oneM2M

New global standard addresses IoT security concerns

Release 2 opens up the IoT ecosystem to devices that lack the protocol and enable interworking among systems.