2017-07-20 - Toshiba

Toshiba announces Bluetooth Mesh support

Support for the standard enables Toshiba Bluetooth Low Energy products to privately and securely traverse a mesh network rather than…

2017-07-18 - Dylan McGrath

250W source paves way for EUV production

Lithography vendor ASML claims to have achieved an important and long-elusive milestone: the demonstration of a 250-watt EUV source.

2017-07-17 - Synopsys

SIP adds coverage for new programming languages

The new updates to Synopsys' Software Integrity Platform introduce Coverity Static Analysis support for the Swift programming language and improved…

2017-07-13 - Michael Allen

How ancillary services benefit PCB assembly

Besides PCB assembly, contract manufacturers offer other services that can help reduce a project's cost and lead time.

2017-07-11 - EE Times Asia

Synapse expands Asia footprint with Vietnam centre

Silicon Valley-based Synapse Design is looking for 100 highly-experienced engineers as it expands its operations in Vietnam.

2017-06-30 - Adrien Sandrini

Blockchain removes semicon counterfeiting risks

The technology underpinning bitcoin has been specifically designed to answer the double spend issue, like counterfeiting in the semiconductor industry.

2017-06-01 - R. Colin Johnson

SaaS finds new meaning in the cloud

Starting with the Urika-GX model, the Markley Group plans to offer the whole Cray supercomputer line on a cloud rental…

2017-05-31 - Alan Patterson

Samsung splits foundry ops from system LSI

Separating Samsung’s contract chipmaking from its branded semiconductor business will remove a conflict of interest with potential customers and create…

2017-05-10 - Junko Yoshida

Can Foxconn lead Taiwan’s auto market bid?

Known for building Apple's iPhones and iPads, Foxconn may hold the key to Taiwan's success in the auto market.

2017-05-08 - Joanne Moretti

Augmented reality holds key to OEM innovation success

The fifth age is upon us, the augmented age, the age of artificial intelligence where we work with our tools,…