2022-11-01 - Digi-Key Electronics

Digi-Key Launches Season 2 of Factory Tomorrow Series

Digi-Key's Factory Tomorrow video series focuses on advancements in automation and control within factories and manufacturing facilities.

2022-10-24 - Michael Grieves

Why Digital Twins and Simulations are Two Very Different Things

While digital twins and simulations are extremely complimentary, they are two very different things.

2022-09-30 - Brett Brune

New Incentives to Drive IT/OT Convergence

New pressures are mounting for companies to accelerate convergence between IT and OT—whose work is foundational for improving manufacturing operations,…

2022-09-21 - Chip 1 Exchange

SMC Automation Discusses Current Electronics Landscape

Edwin Haw, General Manager for SMC Automation, provides his insights on the current manufacturing landscape and what the future will…

2022-08-26 - Frost & Sullivan

Edge Computing Drives IT/OT Convergence in Industrial Verticals

Industrial businesses continue to undergo rapid digitalization to increase their operational efficiency, productivity, and responsiveness to the market.

2022-07-12 - Kartik Kinhal

Moving Toward the Era of “Logistics 4.0”

The emergence of Industry 4.0 prompted new challenges in the logistic domain, pushing consideration of technological changes such as a…

2022-07-04 - Siemens

Siemens and NVIDIA Expand Partnership to Enable Industrial Metaverse

Siemens and NVIDIA are expanding their partnership to enable the industrial metaverse and increase use of AI-driven digital twin technology.

2022-05-12 - Gareth Smith, Keysight Technologies Inc.

Demystifying Intelligent Automation

In a digitally dependent world, it's no longer sufficient to rely only on verifying that a system meets the requirements.

2022-03-03 - Frost & Sullivan

Top 9 Growth Opportunities in the Industrials Market for 2022

Frost & Sullivan's experts present strategic insights on key trends such as manufacturing 5.0, sustainability, and smart lifecycle services.

2022-02-25 - Frost & Sullivan

5G Technology a Key Catalyst for Industry 4.0

The limitations of 4G networks are enabling 5G technology to become an important ally for Industry 4.0.

2022-01-31 - Jessy Cavazos, Keysight Technologies

5G Enabling Private Networks for Industry 4.0

Enabling 5G private network use cases, especially for Industry 4.0, demands high network performance.

2022-01-25 - IDC ASEAN

IDC ASEAN Top ICT Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

Digital transformation acceleration continues to be at the forefront for a large number of ASEAN organizations.