2022-04-25 - Stefani Munoz

Pairing AR/VR with Digital Twins

Pairing AR/VR with digital twin technology can not only improve productivity within many industries, it can also enhance experimentation and…

2022-04-25 - Bernd Westhoff

CAN FD: Anything But Automotive Only

Though CAN and CAN FD are primarily used in automotive applications for cost and flexibility, those benefits can also extend…

2022-04-21 - EETimes Asia

STMicroelectronics Industrial Summit Goes On Online Tour

The online webinars explore ST's most comprehensive trainings in the industrial segment, featuring smart innovations addressing the growing demand from…

2022-04-15 - Bureau Veritas

ATOP Systems Awarded IEC 62443-4-1 Certification with the Assistance of Bureau Veritas

ATOP Technologies has successfully obtained IEC 62443-4-1 certification this year, with the assistance of Bureau Veritas.

2022-03-28 - Michael Kirschner

Systems Thinking and Electronics for the Circular Economy

"Systems thinking" should also take into account factors beyond the products themselves. That could include business models.

2022-02-11 - Stephen Las Marias

STMicroelectronics Expects to Sustain Strong Growth in 2022

Amid strong customer demand and planned investments to increase capacity, ST expects to achieve around $14.8 billion to $15.3 billion…

2022-02-10 - IDC

Labor Shortages Driving Workforce Augmentation Through Software and Hardware Automation

Labor uncertainty and constraints have placed emphasis on the need for hardware and software automation to augment the shopfloor workforce.

2021-12-24 - John Koon

How Preventive and Predictive Maintenance is Changing Production

Minimizing the cost of preventive maintenance is a must for maximizing its benefits.

2021-12-24 - Ralf J. Muenster, SiLC Technologies

Coherent Vision Can Help Machines See Like Humans

Coherent 3D vision using FMCW sensing takes advantage of the properties of photons themselves.

2021-12-21 - Stefani Munoz

Digital Twin Consortium Proposes Interoperability Framework

Multiple industries could profit from more sophisticated digital twins. The Consortium proposed a pathway toward interoperability among disparate design systems.

2021-12-17 - LG Energy Solution

LG Energy and Siemens Partner on Battery Manufacturing Intelligence

LG Energy and Siemens are collaborating in the digitization of production processes in battery manufacturing.

2021-12-02 - John Walko

IIoT, IoT Adoption Seen on Fast Trajectory Path

After a sluggish start, the pace of adoption of industrial internet of things (IIoT) networks and the IIoT's more consumer-facing…