2017-08-07 - Multitest

Contactor boosts WLCSP test yield

Atlas WLCSP test contactors are claimed to achieve mechanical reliability through the rigid “cruciform” tip used in Multitest's QuadTech flat…

2017-08-03 - ROHM Semiconductor

Rohm system monitors machines for efficiency

The real-time detection and monitoring system helps factories move from preventive to predictive maintenance, saving downtime and costs.

2017-08-02 - EE Times Asia

Japan forms alliance to promote IoT in factories

The alliance seeks to contribute to the standardisation of technology to stabilise various wireless systems with coordination control and promote…

2017-08-01 - Synopsys

MediaTek adopts Synopsys prototyping for SoCs

HAPS prototyping is part of the Synopsys Verification Continuum platform, which is focused on accelerating the verification and software development…

2017-07-27 - IC Insights

Semicon M&A flood slows to a trickle in 2017

A few major acquisitions are pending or rumoured to be in the works in July, but it is unlikely that…

2017-07-26 - ULVAC

Ion implanters cut IGBT manufacturing process

The SOPHI-30 and SOPHI-400 are aimed to reduce process time, improving IGBT manufacturing procedures.

2017-07-24 - NXP Semiconductors

NXP’s expanded MCU range reaches 220MHz

NXP's has broadened its LPC546xx ARM Cortex-M4 MCU family to include 220MHz performance and 100µA/MHz power efficiency.

2017-07-21 - Siemens

Siemens builds digitalisation hub in Singapore

The hub is planned to house 300 'digitalisation' experts by 2022 who will be working on developing, testing, and commercialising…

2017-07-21 - Leti

European project matures 3 Si photonic platforms

Launched in 2012, the PLAT4M project seeks to seamlessly transition to pilot line operation and industrial manufacturing of products based…

2017-07-18 - Dylan McGrath

250W source paves way for EUV production

Lithography vendor ASML claims to have achieved an important and long-elusive milestone: the demonstration of a 250-watt EUV source.