2018-03-12 - Junko Yoshida, EE Times

Denso Invests Further in Renesas

Renesas' return to form attracts further investment as automotive electronics become ever more important

2018-03-01 - Junko Yoshida, EE Times

MWC: ST Talks Machine Learning and “Distributed Intelligence”

Discusses AI at MWC and demonstrates three AI solutions

2018-02-21 - Junko Yoshida, EE Times

NXP Launches ARM Vehicle Development Platform

Targets EVs and Hybrids with ARM-based GreenBox development platform

2018-02-01 - Bolaji Ojo, editor-in-chief & publisher, EPSNews

Arrow Electronics’s Necessary Evolution in a Perilous Market

Arrow Electronics' evolution may reduce component distribution to a fraction of Arrow's global sales and push the company deeper into…

2018-01-30 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Renesas Denies Maxim Negotiations

SAN FRANCISCO — Japanese chip vendor Renesas Electronics denied that it is in talks to acquire rival Maxim Integrated after…

2017-08-24 - IEEE

Vehicle Cybersecurity: Where Rubber Meets Code

Take a recent example of Fiat Chrysler's recall of 1.3 million pickups due to a software bug. Imagine if hackers…

2017-08-22 - Bluetooth SIG

An Intro to Bluetooth Mesh Part 1

Bluetooth® technology is one of the world's best known brands and one of the most ubiquitous wireless communications technologies on…

2017-08-15 - Bluetooth SIG

Introducing Bluetooth mesh networking

Bluetooth mesh capability enables many-to-many device communications in large-scale device networks for building automation sensor networks and other IoT solutions.

2017-08-11 - EE Times Asia

JV eyes centimetre-level GNSS precision

Mitsubishi, Bosch, Geo++ and u-blox JV, Sapcorda Services, has promised globally available GNSS services via internet and satellite, with real-time…

2017-08-08 - Telink Semiconductor

Telink adds support for Bluetooth mesh networks

Telink's software development kit that not only meets standard specs but enables real-time updates and synchronised control for applications such…