2019-10-04 - Matthew Burgess

Can Cross-Border Collaboration Jump-Start Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is no longer struggling with an awareness problem but a collaboration between Germany and Singapore hopes to jump-start…

2019-08-07 - Johnson Zhu

Blog: Our Goals Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

The communications manager of a robotics startup in Shenzhen shares his view of the U.S./China trade war.

2019-07-25 - Clover Lee

The Who’s Who of the Exodus from China

With the threat of a 25% tariff in the China-US trade war, even some Chinese companies have begun transferring some…

2019-06-20 - Sam Bowman

Blog: Why Engineers Should Pursue Careers in Asia

Here’s what you need to know about working in Asia and why it’s an avenue that you should pursue in…

2019-06-18 - Susan Hong & Matthew Burgess

Distribution Networks: The Go-To-Market Strategy

Multinational Corporations (MNCs) normally have the ambition to enter emerging markets, but how to start? Should they establish a direct…

2019-06-17 - Susan Hong & Matthew Burgess

Is Southeast Asia ready for EV?

In order to preserve a greener and more sustainable environment, the major cities of ASEAN are striving to develop and…

2019-06-14 - Matthew Burgess

Fostering Talent in Southeast Asia

Hoping to pre-empt the talent shortfall, test & measurement companies are going to the frontlines to support Southeast Asia's next…

2019-06-13 - Matthew Burgess

Can Industry 4.0 Revolutionise Manufacturing in Southeast Asia?

As companies look to mitigate their risk in China through diversification, what role will industry 4.0 play in in Southeast…

2019-05-24 - Matthew Burgess

Next Generation of Engineers Driving Vietnam’s Tech Boom

With the fast-growing tech industry and a young, educated workforce, Vietnam is emerging as an innovation and tech hub of…

2019-03-26 - Matthew Burgess

Industry 4.0 to Bolster ASEAN Manufacturing Ambitions

Manufacturers in Southeast Asia are ramping up their efforts to attract tier 1 OEMs and with “Industry 4.0” fast becoming…