2022-06-24 - imec

imec’s Direct-digitization Readout Design Enables Small, Low-noise, Low-power Neural Interfaces

imec's scalable neural readout microchip features one of the world's smallest recording channels for the simultaneous acquisition of local field…

2022-06-20 - imec

imec Demonstrates Backside Power Delivery with Buried Power Rails for Back- and Frontside Routing

The novel routing scheme with decoupled power and signal wiring acts as a scaling booster for future logic technologies (2nm…

2022-05-31 - imec

imec Leads Semiconductor Value Chain in Joint Effort Toward Net-zero Emissions for Chip Manufacturing

The SSTS was set up as part of imec's sustainability efforts to support the semiconductor industry reducing its carbon footprint.

2022-03-23 - imec

Monolithic Integration of GaN Components Boosts Power Integrated Circuits

Stefaan Decoutere of imec talks about the successful co-integration of Schottky barrier diodes and depletion-mode HEMTs on a p-GaN HEMT-based…

2021-12-17 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Schottky Diodes, HEMTs Integrated with GaN IC

Imec's integration paves the way for smaller, more efficient DC/DC and point-of-load converters.

2021-08-16 - Naoto Horiguchi, IMEC

Entering the Nanosheet Transistor Era

The industry will transition from FinFETs to nanosheets for 3nm or 2nm technology generations. We examine the new nanosheet architectures,…