2022-08-15 - International Data Corp.

Discrete Manufacturing IIoT Spending to Reach $89B in APAC by 2025

Close to one-third of all IoT spending in 2020 (hardware, software, services, and connectivity combined) in APAC was for the…

2021-12-02 - John Walko

IIoT, IoT Adoption Seen on Fast Trajectory Path

After a sluggish start, the pace of adoption of industrial internet of things (IIoT) networks and the IIoT's more consumer-facing…

2021-07-22 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip Ethernet PHYs Enhance Industrial Networks’ Scalability and Functionality

Microchip's new 10BASE-T1S PHYs expand Ethernet connectivity to the very edges of industrial networks, simplifying architectures and reducing risk for…

2021-04-28 - Frost & Sullivan

Global Industrial Equipment Market Sees Accelerated Adoption of Smart Solutions

Global revenue for digital technologies in the industrial equipment market is estimated to reach $4.19 billion by 2027.

2021-01-18 - Tibbo

Tibbo Collaborates with Sunplus on Linux Processor for IIoT Applications

Sunplus Technology and Tibbo Technology set out to develop a Linux-grade chip that would directly address the market demands...

2020-12-31 - Kilian Avilés

5G is Booming! Safety Should Be the Top Priority

5G commercialization has been gradually deployed around the globe, and its high speed, great bandwidth and low latency will contribute…

2020-11-10 - Syed Alam

What’s Ahead for the Semiconductor Manufacturing?

Consolidation and speed-to-market success in foundries have enabled leading semiconductor companies to compete successfully without their own manufacturing fabs...

2020-02-26 - Nitin Dahad

Dialog Target IIoT with Adesto Acquisition

To reduce reliance on Apple, its largest customer, Dialog's latest acquisition will help it expand into the growing industrial IoT…

2019-07-29 - Apacer

What Sets Industrial-grade DRAM Modules Apart?

Industrial-grade devices are often tasked with operating in challenging environments. These can include extreme temperature changes, high humidity, extensive dust,…

2019-07-02 - Dylan McGrath

Private 5G Networks Expected to Support IIoT

The ability of factories to control their own 5G networks will spur innovation, according to Qualcomm's head of Industry 4.0

2018-09-21 - Nitin Dahad, EE Times

IoT Security Concerns Remain

Connectivity, security, and technical incompatibility worrying IIoT reps

2018-06-04 - Jonas Klar, EE Times Asia

Video: Interview with NI’s David Hall

Head of Semiconductor Marketing at National Instruments joins our lineup of interviewees and talks 5G, IoT and the automotive industry