2021-04-02 - TrendForce

Demand for Notebooks, Networking Products Boost 2020 Revenues of Top 10 Fabless IC Design Companies

IC design revenues are expected to reach new heights in 2021.

2021-03-30 - Keith Felton

5 Key Considerations for Next-Gen IC Packaging Design

Next-generation IC packaging is the best path to achieve silicon scaling, functional density, and heterogeneous integration while reducing the overall…

2021-03-23 - Nitin Dahad

Europe Aiming for Manufacturing Capacities for 2nm

The European Commission recently presented its 'Digital Compass', which stated the intent to have manufacturing capacities below 5nm nodes and aiming at…

2021-03-22 - Don Scansen

IC Design: Going Back to 2-D?

ICs, once planar, had to go 3-D to keep progressing. Future progress will probably take ICs back to 2-D, however.

2020-12-14 - Don Scansen

Wi-Fi Antenna Design Spirals to New Heights

With a name like “The Antenna Company,” you would not be surprised that David Favreau and his team are a…

2020-11-17 - Amy Guan, EE Times China

Is ‘All Made in China’ the Right Strategy?

“Is ‘all made in China’ the right strategy?” questioned Prof. Wei Shaojun in his keynote speech at Aspencore’s 2020 Global…

2020-10-29 - TrendForce

AMD Set to Become Fourth Largest IC Designer After Xilinx Acquisition

Should the Xilinx acquisition proceed as planned, AMD will greatly increase its influence across industries and in turn overtake MediaTek…

2020-10-14 - Ansys

Ansys Expands Its Semiconductor Footprint and Stages Virtual User Conference

The rapid growth of the interest in Ansys’s semiconductor tools has prompted the company to stage a gathering of its…

2020-09-14 - George Leopold

Chips and Fabs Help Increase Our Virtual Connections

The unexpected consequences of the pandemic are showing up in forecasts for production equipment and microprocessors...

2020-09-11 - Richard Crisp

Realtime Video SWaP-C Tradeoffs: RPC DRAM

The RPC DRAM is a new DRAM architecture that may be unfamiliar but as will be shown, offers the best…