2022-05-20 - HPC-AI Advisory Council

HPC-AI Competition Tackles Human Health and Sustainability

The fifth iteration of the regional APAC HPC-AI student competition will tackle the pressing global problems of human health and…

2021-12-16 - TSMC

TSMC Newest N4X Process Targets HPC Products

N4X is the first of TSMC’s HPC-focused technology offerings, representing ultimate performance and maximum clock frequencies in the 5-nanometer family.

2021-01-19 - Alan Patterson

TSMC Expects CapEx Boost for Strong 2021 Outlook

TSMC has nearly doubled its capital expenditure budget for 2021 to as much as $28 billion on expectations of strong…

2020-10-28 - Brian Santo

AMD Confirms Xilinx Acquisition To Become HPC Leader

AMD said it is buying Xilinx for $35 billion; the deal is all about high performance computing. The company also…

2020-10-22 - Alan Patterson

TSMC Bets on HPC for Future Growth

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. expects the main driver of its growth in the next several years to be HPC, overtaking…