2023-01-17 - GaN Systems

GaN Systems Puts Spotlight on Groundbreaking GaN-Powered Innovations in EVs, Audio at CES 2023

GaN Systems showcased its latest, groundbreaking GaN-powered innovations in electric vehicles and audio at the recent CES 2023.

2023-01-06 - Americo Lemos

Unlocking Compound Semiconductors’ Economy-driving Potential

Compound semiconductors are key to enabling the connected, carbon-neutral economy. Here's how we get them into more engineers' hands.

2022-12-16 - Texas Instruments Inc.

Chicony Power and TI Partner to Bring GaN Technology to Next-gen Laptop Power Adapters

Leveraging TI's half-bridge GaN FET, Chicony Power reduced the size of its power adapter by 50% and increased efficiency up…

2022-12-13 - Efficient Power Conversion

EPC and VIS Partner on 8in GaN Power Semiconductor Manufacturing

EPC has strengthened its leadership in GaN technology by adding significant 8-inch manufacturing capacities in collaboration with VIS.

2022-12-05 - Transphorm Inc.

Transphorm Opens GaN Application Lab in China

Transphorm's new office in Shenzhen, China, will also serve as an application lab for regional customers developing GaN-based power systems…

2022-11-10 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

What the Future Holds for WBG Devices

What is so special about these new semiconductor materials, and why are they being looked at as alternatives to silicon?

2022-10-21 - Efficient Power Conversion

EPC Expands GaN Family with 150V Device for High-power Density Applications

EPC has expanded its selection of off-the-shelf GaN FETs in thermally enhanced QFN packages with the introduction of the 150V…

2022-10-13 - Efficient Power Conversion

EPC GaN ICs Simplifies and Shrinks Motor Drive Design

EPC's GaN-based inverter reference design enhances motor drive system performance, range, precision, torque, all while simplifying design.

2022-09-30 - Gallium Semiconductor

Gallium Semiconductor Launches New GaN Transistor Portfolio

Gallium Semiconductor has unveiled its broad portfolio of RF power transistor products at the European Microwave Week 2022 Conference.

2022-09-28 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

EPC Opens GaN-based Motor Drive Design Application Center in Italy

EPC has opened a new design application center close to Turin, Italy.

2022-07-04 - Efficient Power Conversion Corp.

Rad Hard GaN Transistors from EPC Targeted at Demanding Space Applications

EPC's EPC7004 rad-hard GaN FET devices are suitable for space applications and other high-reliability environments.