2016-07-06 - A*Star

Consortium advances solutions for high-volume chip packaging

The Chip-on-Wafer (CoW) Consortium II will build on the success of the first CoW consortium to further reduce production time…

2016-06-29 - Jessica Lipsky

Machine learning for the future

Google fellow Jeff Dean outlines the history of machine learning (ML), neural networks and various ways to programme models to…

2016-06-28 - Faisal Goriawalla

Zero-mask-adder NVM more economical than flash?

Despite several emerging NVM technologies, embedded flash remains the technology of choice for applications that require a few hundred to…

2016-06-23 - Max Maxfield

FPGA-based PCIe board targets high-performance computing

Modern CPUs are tremendously powerful, but they still cannot keep pace with ever-increasing data centre requirements. The solution: hardware acceleration.

2016-06-23 - Ted Marena

FPGA debugging tools cut validation times

Find out how to minimise development cycles and costs while significantly speeding time to market.

2016-06-20 -

China set to deliver supercomputer “Tianhe-3” by 2020

Tianhe-3, the next major milestone in supercomputing performance, is set to be released by China in 2020. But will its…

2016-06-06 - Naveen Narang, Venkata Krishna

ASIC/SoC designs: Custom corner characterisation

Characterisation tools these days offer a good solution for extracting the best performance out of an ASIC/SoC for any specified…

2016-05-23 - Max Maxfield

Linking image sensors and displays using programmable ASSPs

Lattice's pASSPs combine programmable fabric and programmable I/O for customisation with high-performance MIPI D-PHY cores that can satisfy the demands…