2020-03-19 - Echo Zhao, EE Times China

SMIC Graduates to Something Sort of Akin to 7nm

SMIC introduces an advanced 14nm production process as it tries to close the technology gap with the west.

2019-10-04 - Alan Patterson

TSMC/Arm Unveil 3DIC Made of Chiplets

TSMC provided a peek at its plans for packaging three-dimensional chips that push performance higher, power consumption lower and transistor…

2019-10-03 - Brian Santo

TSMC Countersues GF

GlobalFoundries took a potshot at the biggest fab in the world, charging TSMC with patent infringement. Of course TSMC punched…

2019-09-02 - Barbara Jorgensen

What Does GlobalFoundries Hope to Achieve?

Distributors have no direct influence on technologies associated with their suppliers' components, but GlobalFoundries' goal could be to irritate TSMC…

2019-06-20 - Alan Patterson

Purdue & TSMC Partner to Enhance Chip Security

TSMC and Purdue University announced the establishment of a center at the university to enhance semiconductor security

2019-05-29 - Rick Merritt

Globalfoundries use AR Glasses in Fab

Globalfoundries has started using augmented reality glasses after a year it started testing products from multiple vendors

2019-05-28 - Alan Patterson

Huawei Catches a Break with TSMC

TSMC plans to continue making chips for Huawei even as other companies in the global semiconductor ecosystem are complying with…

2019-05-16 - Dylan McGrath

Samsung Races Ahead with Gate-All-Around Technology

Headstart over TSMC could give Samsung a leg-up in the post-FinFET era

2019-04-24 - Rick Merritt

GlobalFoundries Sells Ex-IBM Fab

GlobalFoundries sold the 300-mm fab for $430 million as the foundry slims down and ON upgrades its analog business.

2019-04-17 - Rick Merritt

Samsung Ready to Launch 5nm EUV

Samsung is starting to make chips in a 5nm EUV process, but gains are less impressive than past foundry nodes

2019-03-28 - Junko Yoshida

SMIC Rift: Who’s in Charge of China’s Chip Industry?

A write up of what we have learned about SMIC Co-CEO Haijun Zhao, because Zhao's rumored resignation has opened the…

2019-03-27 - Dylan McGrath

Q1 Forecast Disappointing for Foundry Sales

Semiconductor foundry revenue growth is stalling due to weak demand for advanced production processes in several end markets — including…