2021-03-29 - Don Scansen

Insights on Intel’s Standalone Foundry Business

We can clearly see momentum building for the continued flow of capital from Intel, Samsung, and TSMC into US-based IC…

2021-03-26 - George Leopold

SkyWater Joins Tech Companies Going Public

Pure-play foundry SkyWater Technology seeks to leverage its status as a trusted U.S. fab.

2021-03-25 - Brian Santo

Intel Investing $20B in Building Foundry Business

Intel is spending $20 billion to build two foundries in Arizona, with plans to serve customers in North America and…

2021-03-03 - IC Insights

TSMC Ranks in Top-10 For Capacity in Three Wafer Size Categories

New Global Wafer Capacity report shows top-10 installed capacity leaders in three different wafer size categories...

2021-02-19 - Don Scansen

ISSCC 2021: A Bright Foundry Future

At ISSCC, TSMC said it is getting high volume throughput with its EUV system on 5nm production, with a path…

2021-02-03 - Jim McGregor

How Intel Gets Out of Manufacturing

It won’t be easy, but it could be done. This is How Intel Gets Out of Manufacturing...

2021-01-14 - Simon Kuo

TSMC to Kick off Mass Production of Intel CPUs in 2H21

TSMC to kick off mass production of Intel CPUs in 2H21 as Intel shifts its CPU manufacturing strategies, says TrendForce...

2020-12-30 - TrendForce

Foundry Revenue Expected to Reach New High in 2021

Global foundry revenue expected to reach new high in 2021 with close to 6% YoY growth as capacities remain scarce…

2020-12-18 - Alan Patterson

SMIC Undergoes Management Team Shakeup — Again

SMIC has announced two changes within the top management during this week, but this is not the first time SMIC’s…

2020-12-08 - TrendForce

Top 10 Foundry Revenues Expected to Increase by 18% YoY in 4Q20

Total revenue of top 10 foundries expected to increase by 18% YoY in 4Q20 while UMC overtakes GlobalFoundries for third…