2020-08-14 - IC Insights

HiSilicon’s Time in the Top-10 Ranking May be Short Lived

Top-10 semiconductor suppliers logged strong 17% jump in 1H20/1H19 sales...

2020-07-30 - Bolaji Ojo

It’s Time for Intel to Double Down on Foundry Business

Intel Corp. dropped the ball. It should today be the world’s biggest semiconductor foundry; not TSMC. This can still change…

2020-07-20 - Anton Shilov

How SMIC Can Keep Up With Advanced Process Technologies – Part 2

SMIC has begun producing 14nm chips, and has joined the FinFET club. The company is on the verge of a…

2020-07-15 - Anton Shilov

How SMIC Can Keep Up With Advanced Process Technologies

Despite hurdles both technological and political, SMIC is intent on being as close to the state-of-the-art in production as it…

2020-07-10 - George Leopold

GlobalFoundries Bets on U.S. DoD to Strengthen Chip Supply

The multinational foundry sees packaging, not lithography, as the way forward, and the U.S. DoD as a key customer...

2020-07-06 - IC Insights

Taiwan Edges South Korea as Largest Base for IC Wafer Capacity

China capacity expansion forecast to push the country into second place in the regional rankings in 2022, trailing only Taiwan…

2020-07-01 - Alan Patterson

U.S. Chip Proposals Seek to Revive Domestic Manufacturing

US legislators introduced a second bill to expand support of domestic chip production.

2020-06-22 - Alan Patterson

TSMC Reiterates Support for Arizona Fab

TSMC Chairman sees several advantages in setting up a chip plant in Arizona, in his negotiation with the U.S. administration...

2020-06-18 - Junko Yoshida

NXP Teams with TSMC on 5nm for Next-Gen Auto Platform

NXP will become the first automotive chip company to jump to TSMC’s 5nm process for the next generation automotive SoC…

2020-06-16 - UMC

UMC to Appeal the Court Decision on the Micron Case

UMC said it intends to appeal an adverse ruling issued by the District Court of Taichung (Taiwan) in a suit…