2020-10-26 - IC Insights

China Forecast to Represent 22% of the Foundry Market in 2020

However, market uncertainty looms as TSMC's shipments to HiSilicon ceased in mid-September...

2020-10-22 - TrendForce

UMC to Focus More on Foundry Business in the Future

While close to settling legal case with U.S., UMC will be focusing more on its foundry business in the future,…

2020-10-22 - Alan Patterson

TSMC Bets on HPC for Future Growth

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. expects the main driver of its growth in the next several years to be HPC, overtaking…

2020-09-22 - IC Insights

Pure-Play Foundry Market On Pace For Strongest Growth Since 2014

Application processors and other device sales for 5G smartphones act as a robust driver.

2020-09-16 - Yole Développement

Advanced Packaging: Strong Momentum Driven by TSMC, Intel and Samsung

Advanced packaging (AP) is moving from a package substrate platform to silicon, a shift that is providing opportunities for giants…

2020-09-07 - IC Insights

2H20 Growth Expectations Vary Among Leading IC Suppliers

TSMC continues to reap the benefits of strong demand for 7nm and 5nm devices...

2020-08-31 - Alan Patterson

Marvell Joins TSMC’s Upper Echelon Customers of 5nm Chips

Marvell is filling the void where HiSilicon used to be, both in the market and at TSMC...

2020-08-24 - TrendForce

Foundry Revenue Projected to Grow by 14% YoY in 3Q20

Foundry revenue projected to grow by 14% YoY in 3Q20 as downstream clients exhibit strong demand, says TrendForce...

2020-08-14 - IC Insights

HiSilicon’s Time in the Top-10 Ranking May be Short Lived

Top-10 semiconductor suppliers logged strong 17% jump in 1H20/1H19 sales...

2020-07-30 - Bolaji Ojo

It’s Time for Intel to Double Down on Foundry Business

Intel Corp. dropped the ball. It should today be the world’s biggest semiconductor foundry; not TSMC. This can still change…