2020-01-21 - Gary Hilson

Memory Goes Green

Samsung Electronics, Micron Technology, and others make steps toward sustainable, low-carbon memory.

2019-12-02 - Cabe Atwell

Burned-Out Flash Crippling Tesla Model S and X Units

The data for Tesla's in-vehicle displays gets updated so often that the memory chips in older models are getting worn…

2019-05-28 - Gary Hilson

Portable Flash Demand Powered By USB

USB storage shows no sign of disappearing and it's even finding new use cases

2019-03-12 - Winbond Electronics America

Which memory architecture gives the best combination of cost, reliability and performance?

The long life of products in the industrial and automotive sectors and the availability of connectivity in these products compel…

2017-08-22 - Tegile

NVMe Will Oust SCSI by 2020

With a minimal premium on NVMe SSDs, the interface is expected to quickly become the defacto standard in storage arrays.