2019-02-19 - Matthew Burgess

TSMC loses US$550 Million Due to Bad Photoresist

TSMC has been forced to update their first quarter guidance following the assessment of all the wafers affected by what…

2019-02-15 - Dylan McGrath

China’s Chip Fab Capacity Catching North America

China, which is currently locked in a trade war with the U.S., has stated that it would pump more than…

2019-02-14 - Matthew Burgess

Wafer Demand Bullish for 2019

Despite a decline in spending for leading-edge devices, the latest Semi Global 200mm Fab Outlook prepares for growing demand.

2019-01-30 - Dylan McGrath

Intel Plans $10.9 Billion Fab in Israel

Intel will spend about $10.9 billion to build a new 300mm fab in the Israeli city of Kiryat Gat, according…

2018-07-06 - Sufia Tippu

A Glimmer of Hope for Indian Fabs

Government decides that GaN semiconductors is what might be needed

2018-03-28 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Fab Tool Spending: Numbers

All things semiconductors on the rise - as is equipment spending, shows new data

2018-03-21 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Fab Tool Spending On the Rise

Global fab tool spending to increase by 9 percent in 2018, making it the third year in a row with…

2018-02-07 - Alan Patterson

Blog: Earthquakes and Semiconductors

As Taiwan trembles in the wake of a series of earthquakes, Alan Patterson unwaveringly reflects upon the island's chip industry.

2017-11-09 - R. Colin Johnson, EE Times

Lam’s Coventor Buy Boosts MEMS Manufacturing

Lam Research's recent acquisition of Coventor has benefited each company through the co-design of hardware and software, executives say.