2022-06-10 - Liam Critchley

The Future of Nanomaterials-based EV Batteries

Automotive manufacturers are starting to turn towards using nano-enhanced EV batteries to get the most out of the improved conductivity…

2022-03-31 - MIH Consortium

MIH Partner Gathering Brings Together Cross-Industry Collaborators to Announce Expanded Go-To-Market Opportunities

Lordstown Motors, PTT Thailand, Aptera Motors, Monarch Tractor, and Foxtron Vehicle Technologies support MIH in coalescing alliance by 2025.

2022-02-25 - Dr. Y.-C. Hsu, Researcher and Research

Global EV Market Up 105% YoY in January

The global EV market grew to 652,733 units in January, with a year-on-year growth of 104.9%, according to Researcher and…

2022-01-27 - Dr. Y.-C. Hsu, Researcher and Research

Chinese OEMs Dominate Domestic EV Market in 2021

Sales power of non-Chinese EV OEMs in China declined significantly while Chinese EV OEMs gained a larger market share in…

2022-01-13 - Dr. Y.-C. Hsu, Researcher and Research

Supply Chain Determines the Development of Electric Vehicle OEMs

The control of battery metals brings China global advantage of EV supply chains.

2022-01-10 - TrendForce

Power Battery Demand for Cathode Materials Forecast to Exceed 2.15 Million Tons in 2025

Global demand for power battery cathode materials is expected to exceed 2.15 million tons by 2025, according to TrendForce.

2021-11-30 - TrendForce

Indonesia Export Restrictions on Nickel to Intensify Global Raw Material Shortage for NEV Batteries

Indonesia's export restrictions on raw materials will likely exacerbate the shortage of nickel and subsequently of EV batteries, potentially hindering…

2021-10-27 - Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn)

Foxconn Unveils Self-Developed EV Models

Foxconn has introduced for the first time its three EV models: the Model C recreational vehicle, the Model E sedan,…

2021-09-30 - George Leopold

EV Makers See Light at the End of the Tunnel

Some see 2Q as the 'trough' of the chip shortage, but lead times for key EV components remain long.

2021-08-31 - Colin Barnden

Driver Monitoring, Not ‘Self-Driving,’ is the Key Auto Market

The shift to driver monitoring underscores recognition that passenger vehicles won’t offer any form of "self-driving" functionality any time soon.

2021-08-03 - Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon On Board the VW ID.4 USA Tour

Infineon is on board of the new VW ID.4 with over 50 semiconductors and enabling energy efficient electric drives and charging…

2021-06-22 - Egil Juliussen

Battery EVs Seeing Growing Momentum

Demand is building, but battery EVs still require performance improvements and technology advances.