2022-04-08 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

First Light Achieves Fusion Energy

First Light Fusion has confirmed for the first time that it has achieved fusion with projectile approach. The results have…

2022-01-31 - Yonatan Geifman, Deci

How to Reduce AI’s Carbon Footprint

As AI models continue to grow in size and accuracy, so too does their negative impact on the environment.

2022-01-28 - Infineon Technologies

Infineon’s Eco Conference in China a Success

Infineon Technologies successfully held its first cross-industry Eco Conference in Shenzhen, China.

2022-01-25 - Glenn Weinreb

Why Resolving Climate Change Should Be Easy

Global decarbonization is likely to cost tens of trillions of dollars over multiple decades. Those costs can be reduced through…

2022-01-17 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Machine Learning Improves Fusion Modeling

Scientists are using AI-honed numerical simulations of plasma turbulence to better understand conditions inside future fusion reactors.

2022-01-11 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Chinese Researchers Claim Fusion Milestone

China's EAST fusion reactor maintained continuous plasma for 1,056 seconds, topping the previous record by a factor of ten.

2022-01-05 - Dr. Peter Wawer, Infineon Technologies

Microelectronics Paves the Way to Climate Neutrality

Semiconductors play a key role in global efforts to protect the climate.

2021-12-30 - Risen Energy Co. Ltd

Risen Energy Hits Record 23.65% in Heterojunction Module Efficiency

Risen Energy has broken its own HJT world record three times in one year, constantly challenging limits and achieving new…

2021-12-23 - Brian Santo

Tokamak Energy Takes Another Step Toward Fusion Power

Tokamak Energy has taken another encouraging step in fusion research by halving the power required for cooling superconducting magnets.

2021-12-10 - Energous Corp.

Energous Receives Regulatory Approval in Asia for Unlimited Distance Wireless Charging

Energous' 1W WattUp PowerBridge approval in India opens new market opportunities for over-the-air power solutions in the country.

2021-11-30 - TrendForce

Indonesia Export Restrictions on Nickel to Intensify Global Raw Material Shortage for NEV Batteries

Indonesia's export restrictions on raw materials will likely exacerbate the shortage of nickel and subsequently of EV batteries, potentially hindering…

2021-11-24 - Dr. Y.-C. Hsu, Researcher and Research

Analyzing Strategic Partnerships Between Main EV OEMs, Battery Suppliers in Europe, America, and Asia

The current supply situation and future partnerships between major automakers and battery manufacturers are changing rapidly.