2021-05-06 - Atmosic Technologies

IoT Reference Design Optimizes Power Savings with PV Energy Harvesting

Atmosic Technologies' ATM3 series of IoT reference designs optimizes power savings with photovoltaic energy harvesting.

2021-05-06 - Jeff Bier

Five Trends to Look Out For in Embedded Vision and Edge AI

Here's a look at the current trends in the embedded vision space.

2021-05-04 - Litemax Electronics Inc.

Litemax SBC Targeted at Edge Computing Applications

Litemax's new SBC, powered by the Intel 11th Generation Core Processors, provides greater performance, flexibility and a host of Intel…

2021-05-04 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Arduino’s Violante Highlights Value of Open Source

Fabio Violante, CEO of Arduino, discusses the value and role of open source as well as the increased interactions between…

2021-04-12 - Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon Enables Quick and Easy Condition Monitoring in Smart Buildings

Infineon's XENSIV Predictive Maintenance Evaluation Kit represents a perfect starting point for quick and easy evaluation of sensor-based condition monitoring…

2021-01-25 - Clientron

Clientron Falcon600 – The Key to Kingly Kiosks

Clientron's Falcon600 embedded system simplifies kiosk and POS integration while improving reliability and minimizing downtime...

2021-01-19 - David Benjamin

CES 2021: AI Is Both Miraculous and Dangerous

Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua and New York Times pundit Thomas Friedman agreed that the world needs the machines infused with…

2021-01-04 - Clientron

The Clientron PT2500 POS Terminal is Ideal for Supermarkets

Clientron’s point of sale equipment PT2500 is well-suited to use in today’s busy supermarkets...

2020-12-21 - Litemax

Plug-and-Play Display Integrated Solution for Queuing & Calling System in Ticketing Solution

Litemax is pleased to announced the ISDM-4805, 48-inch panel PCs which is based on Intel® Smart Display Module architecture. The…

2020-12-17 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Open-Source Framework for Working with Quantum Technology

The Qiskit project is an open-source framework for working with quantum circuits and algorithms...