2017-01-02 - Pierre Sennequier

Op-amps amplify electrochemical sensors’ signal

Electrochemical sensors require specific op-amps to drive them and to amplify the signal (current) they generate.

2016-11-21 - Analog Devices

Laser beam steering targets scanning LIDAR systems

Scanning LIDAR systems can be used to detect objects on or near the roadway and fill the blind spots known…

2016-10-11 - Julien Happich

1000ppi IGZO display targets virtual reality

The high electron mobility of IGZO allows for transistor miniaturisation and circuit thinning, according to Sharp.

2016-09-19 - Junko Yoshida

China crash puts Tesla under fresh scrutiny

If reports are true, China’s crash fatality in January presents a problem for Tesla.

2016-09-19 - Steve Ohr

Why balancing lithium-ion battery cells is key

As new mobile applications emerge, the challenges to battery management systems increase.

2016-09-19 - Steve Ohr

Samsung’s battery fire puts devices’ integrity on the line

Incidents involving Samsung's latest smartphone may encourage mobile device makers to re-examine the integrity of their power trains.

2016-09-16 - Lattice Semiconductor

Programmable interface bridges target ADAS

The ECP5 has high-speed SERDES channels for video interfaces and the CrossLink MIPI D-PHY bridge delivers 4K UHD resolution at…

2016-09-14 - Julien Happich

SnIP: One-dimensional equivalent of carbon nanotubes?

Through appropriate doping, the researchers expect the novel material to lend itself to many applications in the electronic industry.

2016-09-13 - KnowMade

Microbattery players corner key IP

Top patent holders could potentially block IP development for the booming microbattery market.

2016-09-13 - IHS Markit

Medical imaging chip unit volume to reach 73m

However, year-over-year global revenue growth from semiconductors used in medical imaging is flat, due to optical component price erosion.

2016-09-04 - Rick Merritt

Upstart energy fuels Hot Chips event

The best news of all comes from a handful of talks by young people in or emerging from academia. Their…

2016-09-04 - Rick Merritt

Hot Chips: Sharper pictures with quantum dots

The highly sensitive dots provide wider dynamic range and work in a broader spectrum area that silicon.