2021-04-09 - Frost & Sullivan

ADAS Features to Propel Global Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing Market by 2026

New opportunities for HIL testing companies are emerging from the development of vehicles with ADAS capabilities, EVs, and the aerospace…

2021-04-02 - Egil Juliussen

Key Driving Forces Changing Automotive Electronics Systems

Here is an overview of key driving forces that are changing automotive electronics systems.

2021-03-31 - Stephen Las Marias

Xiaomi Enters the Electric Vehicle Fray

Xiaomi Corp. is joining the electric vehicle (EV) bandwagon.

2021-03-26 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

What’s Next for EV Batteries?

The battery is the main element of an electric vehicle: More cells provide more charging capacity, which means longer distances…

2021-03-25 - Junko Yoshida and Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Under the Hood of VW’s Innovation-Rich Golf 8 mHEV

The Golf 8 is remarkable for VW's integration of driver assist technologies sourced from a vast network of suppliers.

2021-03-23 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

EU-funded Research Project to Focus on Lightweight EV Components Development

A three-year EU-funded research project has been launched to develop lightweight components for electric vehicles (EVs) using eco-design and circular…

2021-03-22 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

SK materials Invests in Group14 Technologies

Group14 Technologies is working to manufacture lithium-silicon battery technology and recently secured $17 million in funding from SK materials.

2021-03-03 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Tesla Faces Tough Competition in EV Market

European auto makers, especially some of the German brands, now represent significant competition for Tesla...

2021-02-08 - Egil Juliussen

2021 Auto Industry Outlook: What Can We Expect from BEVs, Connected Cars & Software?

Here's my 2021 prediction on what BEVs (battery electric vehicles), connected cars and software will become...

2021-01-08 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Gen 4 SiC FETs to Achieve Breakthrough Performance

UnitedSiC has launched the first four devices based on its Gen 4 SiC FET technology platform. Compared to Gen 3,…