2022-11-22 - IC Insights

DRAM Sales Down 40% in 2H 2022

Inflation and recession concerns stunt demand for PCs, smartphones, other consumer goods, leading to a 40% decline in 2H 2022…

2022-06-24 - TrendForce

TrendForce: DRAM Pricing Forecast to Drop in 3Q22

TrendForce forecasts a 3-8% drop in DRAM prices in 3Q22 and a more than 8% pricing dip in certain DRAM…

2022-05-25 - IC Insights

Top Three Suppliers Held 94% of 2021 DRAM Marketshare

Over the past 30 years, the DRAM market has been characterized by periods of spectacular growth and years of devastating…

2022-03-09 - TrendForce

DDR3 Prices Expected to Rise by Up to 5% in 2Q22 Amid Rapidly Shrinking Supply

The global supply of DDR3 solutions is expected to undergo an impending decline, according to TrendForce.

2021-11-12 - IC Insights

After Strong Gains, DRAM Prices Expected To Retreat in 4Q21

DRAM prices soared 41% through the first eight months of 2021, rising from $3.37 in January to $4.77 in August,…

2021-07-06 - Counterpoint Technology Market Research

Mobile Demand Fuels DRAM Revenue Growth to $19B in Q1 2021

Global DRAM revenues rose to $19 billion in the first quarter of 2021, increasing by a solid 30% YoY and…

2021-06-17 - IC Insights

IC Insights Raises Its 2021 Global IC Market Forecast

IC Insights raised its 2021 IC market growth forecast from 19% to 24% amid continued strength in the memory segment…

2021-02-23 - Avril Wu

Automotive DRAM Demand Projected to Surpass 30% CAGR in Next 3 Years

Driven by such factors as the continued development of autonomous driving technologies and the build-out of 5G infrastructure, the demand…

2021-02-22 - Jeongdong Choe

Inside Samsung’s D1z LPDDR5 DRAM with EUVL

We have finally found new and advanced Samsung D1z DRAM devices and confirmed details of this technology...

2021-02-04 - Brian Santo

SK Hynix Completes M16 DRAM Fab

SK Hynix dedicated its new M16 fab in South Korea. It should start cranking out 1anm DRAM later this year...

2021-02-03 - IC Insights

Top 10 IC Growth Categories Target Emerging Applications in 2021

Memory, auto-specific, and embedded MPUs expected to outpace total IC market growth this year.

2021-02-02 - Brian Santo

Micron Jumps Ahead with 1α Node DRAM

Micron's 1-alpha node DRAM is already in volume production of DDR4 with LPDDR4 in sampling...