2021-02-23 - Avril Wu

Automotive DRAM Demand Projected to Surpass 30% CAGR in Next 3 Years

Driven by such factors as the continued development of autonomous driving technologies and the build-out of 5G infrastructure, the demand…

2021-02-22 - Jeongdong Choe

Inside Samsung’s D1z LPDDR5 DRAM with EUVL

We have finally found new and advanced Samsung D1z DRAM devices and confirmed details of this technology...

2021-02-04 - Brian Santo

SK Hynix Completes M16 DRAM Fab

SK Hynix dedicated its new M16 fab in South Korea. It should start cranking out 1anm DRAM later this year...

2021-02-03 - IC Insights

Top 10 IC Growth Categories Target Emerging Applications in 2021

Memory, auto-specific, and embedded MPUs expected to outpace total IC market growth this year.

2021-02-02 - Brian Santo

Micron Jumps Ahead with 1α Node DRAM

Micron's 1-alpha node DRAM is already in volume production of DDR4 with LPDDR4 in sampling...

2020-12-14 - IC Insights

DRAM Leads in Revenue, NAND with Top Percentage Growth in 2020

21 of 33 IC product categories to see positive growth in 2020 demonstrating remarkable resilience of IC market during pandemic-induced…

2020-12-12 - Trendforce

Local Foundry and DRAM Manufacturing Remain Unaffected Following December 10 Earthquake in Taiwan

An earthquake that was 6.7 in magnitude occurred off the eastern coast of Taiwan at 9:19 p.m. on December 10.…

2020-12-11 - Gary Hilson

The DDR5 Revolution: Promise & Challenges Ahead

DRAM creates new possibilities for designers, with DDR5 featuring bandwidth and efficiency improvements to enable AI, high performance computing, niche…

2020-12-11 - TrendForce

DRAM ASP to Recover from Decline in 1Q21

The overall ASP of DRAM products is now forecasted to stay generally flat or slightly up for 1Q21, with potential…

2020-11-24 - Gary Hilson

Advanced Dielectric Gapfill Technology to Enable Next-Gen Memory

Lam Research’s recently announced Striker FE enhanced atomic layer deposition (ALD) platform addresses semiconductor manufacturing challenges for 3D NAND as…