2020-10-26 - Alan Patterson

Foxconn LCD Fab in U.S. Looks “Dead”?

With Foxconn and Wisconsin at odds over subsidies, the possibility of Foxconn moving any manufacturing to the U.S. ..

2020-10-16 - TrendForce

Chinese Panel Makers Expected to Occupy More Than 50% Share in Monitor Panel Market in 2021

Chinese manufacturers are expected to raise their market share from 39% this year to 52% next year in the monitor…

2020-10-12 - Clientron

Clientron PST Series: Benefits Abound for Businesses and Consumers

The bezel-free frames of Clientron’s PST Series product make the touchscreens easy to keep spotlessly clean, so everything always looks…

2020-10-09 - Strategy Analytics

Samsung Display Captures 50% Revenue Share to Lead the Smartphone Display Panel Market in 1H20

High-end OLED panels are driving growth...

2020-09-29 - TrendForce

BOE to Control 28% of Large-Sized Panel Capacity in 2021 via CEC Panda Acquisition

BOE announced its plan to acquire an 80.831% share in CEC Panda’s Nanjing-based Gen 8.5 fab and 51% share in…

2020-09-23 - Omdia

Large Area TFT Display Unit Shipments Reached Historical Record High at $219.6m in 2Q20

Display demands for IT applications are surging in Q2 2020 with the increasing trends of remote work and online schooling…

2020-09-15 - Omdia

Global Public Display Market Shrinks by 18.5% in Q2

The global public display market declined by 18.5% on a QoQ basis, amid the effects felt across all regions from…

2020-09-03 - IDC

IDC: 44.8M Units of Smart TVs Will be Shipped to China in 2020

IDC estimates 44.8 million units of smart TVs will be shipped to China in 2020 – a 4.4% decrease compared…

2020-08-05 - TrendForce

BOE Takes Lead as Chinese Panel Manufacturers Aggressively Expand in Monitor Market in 1H20

Chinese panel manufacturers stepped up their efforts to capture shares in the monitor panel market as BOE and CSOT’s shipment…

2020-08-03 - Clientron

How to Choose the Best POS Terminal for Your Small Business

An efficient, secure POS system is a substantial investment, but it’s a worthwhile one. To maximize that investment and find…