2021-03-10 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

Bright Future for Embedded Vision

Embedded vision technology will soon touch nearly every aspect of our daily lives, but what is the status of the…

2020-08-11 - Michael Azoff 

Deep Learning: What the AI Chip Market Is All About

With 80 startups and 34 established players, the AI chip market is clearly unsustainable in its current form. Why is…

2020-06-01 - Aki Fujimura

Digital Twins Bridge the Data Gap for Deep Learning

As company's embark on DL projects that put their data to work, they must protect that data; digital twins offer…

2020-02-27 - Sally Ward-Foxton

AI Gets Its Own System of Numbers

BF16, the new number format optimized for deep learning, promises power and compute savings with a minimal reduction in prediction…

2020-02-17 - Matthew Burgess

Medical AI: Automate the Important Stuff

A startup out of Taiwan has developed an AI platform capable of rapidly developing customised AI models that can analyse…

2019-12-18 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Latest AI Algorithms Presented at NeurIPS

Advances will help machines identify objects and figure out how to work together, improve their ability to understand language, and…

2019-11-19 - Loring Wirbel

The Rise of AI and What it Means for Engineering Education

Machine learning is transforming software development. Can academia keep pace?

2019-10-31 - Kevin Krewell

Linley Fall Processor Conference Dominated by AI

Highlights include Intel's "Tremont" Atom processor; SiFive's U8 architecture; Marvell's push for Arm in data centers; Mellonox' Bluefield-2 I/O processor,…

2019-10-14 - Junko Yoshida

NXP Introduces Auto-Grade AI Toolkit for AVs

NXP launched a deep learning toolkit called eIQ Auto. NXP is seeking to set itself apart from competitors by making…

2019-09-09 - Junko Yoshida

Labeled or Unlabeled Data, Does it Make a Difference?

Assume that AV companies have already collected petabytes, or even exabytes of data on real roads. How much of that…

2019-05-30 - Rick Merritt

AI Takes Centre Stage at Hot Chips

Startup Cerebras and x86 giant Intel will disclose rival AI accelerators at the annual CPU event now rich with talks…

2019-05-21 - Alchip Technologies

Alchip, “Silicon Heart of AI”

Alchip Technologies Ltd, a leading fabless ASIC company, have announced the new brand slogan, “Silicon Heart of AI”,