2022-02-16 - Jeongdong Choe

Comparing DDR5 Memory from Micron, Samsung, SK Hynix

TechInsights' Jeongdong Choe breaks down DDR5 memory technology released by market leaders Micron, Samsung, and SK Hynix.

2021-05-11 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas DDR5 I3C Bus Extension Devices Qualified for AMI Firmware

Renesas Electronics Corp.'s I3C bus extension products have been qualified by AMI for its MegaRAC SP-X Remote Management Firmware.

2021-03-24 - Apacer

Apacer Outlines Blueprint for Full DDR5 Line

Apacer is promoting the DDR5 eco-chain alliance and outlining the development blueprint for a full DDR5 memory module product line.

2020-12-11 - Gary Hilson

The DDR5 Revolution: Promise & Challenges Ahead

DRAM creates new possibilities for designers, with DDR5 featuring bandwidth and efficiency improvements to enable AI, high performance computing, niche…