2020-05-22 - Strategy Analytics

COVID-19 Will Trigger a 2.6% Decline in Global Wireless Service Revenue in 2020

Strong 5G adoption and revenue needed to offset losses but consumer demand uncertain...

2020-05-21 - IDC

Indonesia Smartphone Shipments Post New Record Low Impacted by COVID-19

The Indonesia smartphone market shipped 7.5 million units in 1Q20, , declining by -7.3% YoY and -24.1% QoQ, hitting a…

2020-05-19 - Matthew Burgess

Covid-19: Getting to Grips with Respiration

In the battle against the coronavirus, hospitals are being forced to adopt new technologies to stem the flow of patients.…

2020-05-18 - George Leopold

Covid-19 Pandemic Boosts US Manufacturing Revival

Covid-19 is rekindling and accelerating efforts to return manufacturing to North America.

2020-05-15 - Michael Hall

COVID-19: The Way Forward – Insights from McKinsey & Company

In much of post-lockdown China, urban life is humming. Streets in Beijing and Shanghai are bustling with traffic, smog again…

2020-05-14 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

MEMS Foundry Demonstrates Its Prowess in Covid-19 Fight

When the pandemic threw the U.S. supply chain into chaos, the small MEMS foundry stepped up. CEO Jessica Gomez on…

2020-05-14 - George Leopold

Blog: Lessons Learned From Taiwan’s Response to Covid-19

Taiwan represents to the gold standard for containing the novel coronavirus...

2020-05-13 - ASVDA

1st GO SMART Online Forum Kicked off Conversation on Epidemic Prevention

GO SMART has held an online workshop of “Smart Tech in Fighting COVID-19” via a video-conference approach, attracting government-related units,…

2020-05-11 - Asem Elshimi

Using IoT to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

IoT technology can lead the way in helping to prevent and manage current and future pandemics.

2020-05-08 - George Leopold

Grim Chip Forecasts highlight Pandemic’s Grip

A quick recovery for the global chip market seems unlikely...

2020-05-06 - SEMI

Global Silicon Wafer Area Shipments Edge Up in 1Q 2020 Despite COVID-19 Headwinds

Global silicon wafer area shipments rose 2.7% to 2,920 million square inches in Q1 2020, compared with Q4 2019 shipments…

2020-05-05 - Dan Breznitz

Covid-19 Exposes America’s Vulnerability — and Resilience

The plague upon us also affords an opportunity to revive our productive capacity, ensuring prosperity for future generations — if…