2020-09-04 - IDC

Global Ethernet Switch and Router Markets Deliver Mixed Results in 2Q20

Ethernet Switch Market Fell 6.3% Year over Year; Router Market Increased 0.1% in 2Q20

2020-09-04 - Cabe Atwell

Techno Face Mask Innovations Round-Up

Individuals and companies have been making face masks more comfortable, durable, effective, and stylish — more innovative. Here is our…

2020-09-02 - IDC

Hearables Propel the Wearables Market in Response to New Demands and Opportunities

The market for wearable devices grew 14.1% during the 2Q20, thanks to strong demand for hearables and continued interest in…

2020-08-28 - IDC

Strong 5G Push Expected to Bring the Market Back to Growth in 2021

Global smartphone shipments expected to drop nearly 10% in 2020, but a strong 5G push is expected to bring the…

2020-08-26 - IC Insights

MCUs Expected to Make Modest Comeback After 2020 Drop

Economic impact of the Covid-19 virus crisis will cause microcontroller sales to fall the most among major IC product categories…

2020-08-24 - Alan Patterson

U.S.-China Decoupling in Electronics Supply Chains

Foxconn, the world’s largest contract manufacturer, says it plans to move more of its production outside China under the impact…

2020-08-24 - George Leopold

Memory Makers Cut Capex in Response to Pandemic

A memory glut and declining demand are forcing memory makers to cut capex...

2020-08-21 - Brian Santo

Mind of the Engineer: Harried But Still Happy

The new 2020 edition of the Mind of the Engineer reveals engineers are facing more pressure, but still love their…

2020-08-19 - TrendForce

Global DRAM Revenue Rises by 15.4% in 2Q20

DRAM revenue rises by 15.4% in 2Q20, with possible decline in prices expected for 3Q20, says TrendForce...

2020-08-19 - George Leopold

Sensor Market to Ride the Wave of Internet of Things

The sensor market is among the technology sectors hardest hit by the pandemic. Cost, not demand, is the problem...

2020-08-17 - IDC

Ongoing Demand to Drive Solid Growth for Security Products and Services

Worldwide spending on security-related hardware, software, and services will be $125.2 billion in 2020, an increase of 6.0% over 2019

2020-08-10 - Infineon Technologies

Radar-based entrance counter solution ensures social distancing

Infineon Technologies developed a solution that counts people while entering and leaving buildings or rooms and ensures social distancing ...