2020-10-30 - Rebecca Day

The Pandemic Pushed ‘Prime Day’ Into October

The pandemic pushed Prime Day, usually in July, into October. The retail world proclaimed it the de facto start to…

2020-10-22 - TrendForce

UMC to Focus More on Foundry Business in the Future

While close to settling legal case with U.S., UMC will be focusing more on its foundry business in the future,…

2020-10-05 - Infineon Technologies

Accurate, anonymous, contactless: Radar-based entrance counter solution

Infineon Technologies developed a solution that counts people while entering and leaving buildings or rooms and ensures social distancing at…

2020-09-28 - HealthForAll

Virtual Collaboration Platform Calls for Global Healthcare Startups Ecosystem

Leveraging resources in Taiwan to revolutionize the way care is delivered...

2020-09-25 - Apacer Technology

Apacer’s Cloud-edge Integration Online Exhibition Reveals Diversified Solutions

Apacer has launched its Cloud-edge Integration online expo. With its strong R&D momentum, Apacer's Cloud-edge Integration Online Exhibition reveals diversified…

2020-09-22 - IDC

IDC Reveals 66% of Asia/Pacific Organizations are Transitioning to Digital Fast

IDC reveals 66% of Asia/Pacific organizations are transitioning to digital fast, with regional upstarts leading WorkSpace Transformation initiatives...

2020-09-15 - Omdia

Global Public Display Market Shrinks by 18.5% in Q2

The global public display market declined by 18.5% on a QoQ basis, amid the effects felt across all regions from…

2020-09-14 - Barbara Jorgensen

COVID-19 Pandemic Accelerates Machine Learning Development

Chatbots are saving the auto insurance industry during the coronavirus pandemic, powered by machine learning...

2020-09-10 - Strategy Analytics

Q3 COVID Recession Update – A Slow Recovery Ahead

Recovery will not return economies to Pre-COVID Levels until 2022...

2020-09-04 - IDC

Global Ethernet Switch and Router Markets Deliver Mixed Results in 2Q20

Ethernet Switch Market Fell 6.3% Year over Year; Router Market Increased 0.1% in 2Q20