2022-08-29 - James Baker

IoT is Pushing the Transformation of Supply Chain Management

How does the IoT system benefit an electronics company?

2021-10-04 - Carolina Mora Lopez, imec

New Neuropixels Advancing Brain Research

The new generation of Neuropixels steps up to the plate with over 5,000 electrodes, yielding unprecedented resolution for mapping brain…

2021-08-04 - Neil Ballinger

What Do the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Industry 4.0 Have in Common?

Organizers are making the most of cutting-edge technologies to keep participants safe while allowing viewers to be closer than ever…

2021-06-24 - Stephen Las Marias

AI-based Visual Inspection Tech Tackles Counterfeit Components

Cybord's patented AI and big data algorithms analyze components and reach decisions in milliseconds, enabling manufacturers to take corrective actions…

2021-02-24 - Egil Juliussen

Time to Look at the Unintended Consequences of ADAS

Driver assistance technology could have unintended consequences. Could people end up losing their driving skills, and what might that mean?

2021-02-01 - Don Scansen

Intel Marches Towards Data-Centric Era

In a rapidly expanding data universe, cloud, edge and other facets of the data-centric businesses are key to Intel's future…

2021-01-25 - IDC

IDC Reveals Asia/Pacific Cloud Predictions for 2021 & Beyond

Cloud and cloud-centric operating models have grown to become integral components of the modern IT environment...

2021-01-19 - IDC

Asia/Pacific Big Data Analytics Solutions’ Revenue Will Increase by $41.9B by 2024

Enterprises Will Invest in BDA Solutions with Projected YoY Growth of 16.4% in 2021...

2020-12-14 - Junko Yoshida

Bridging the Gap Between Data Science & Big Data

Wes McKinney, once described as “the man behind the most important tool in data science,” is off to a new…

2020-12-09 - IDC

Asia/Pacific Public Cloud Spending in Manufacturing to Reach $26.3B by 2021

IDC reveals that 53% of the manufacturing organizations have chosen public, cloud–first as their primary strategy for migrating manufacturing applications...

2020-12-09 - Sally Ward-Foxton

IBM Ecosystem Promises Game-Changing AI Performance

IBM research ecosystem promises full-stack innovation for game-changing AI chips, but its goals are lofty...

2020-11-20 - Junko Yoshida

NXP Collaborates with AWS for Vehicle Data Access

Okay, so what the heck is Amazon doing in the car business? The straightforward answer is that Amazon Web Services…