2021-03-19 - Junko Yoshida

A Look at the Current and Future Market Landscape for Lidars

More than a dozen RFQs for lidars are flying around. But automotive industry observers caution us not to expect a…

2021-03-09 - CEA-Leti

CEA-Leti Sees Widespread Use of OPA-based LiDAR Systems

CEA-Leti has developed genetic algorithms to calibrate high-channel-count optical phased arrays (OPAs), as well as an advanced measurement setup enabling…

2021-03-08 - Sally Ward-Foxton

ADLink: Move from Embedded to Edge Compute Means Switch from Automation to Autonomy

ADLink partners with Foxconn on edge compute for robotics and autonomous driving.

2021-02-24 - Egil Juliussen

Time to Look at the Unintended Consequences of ADAS

Driver assistance technology could have unintended consequences. Could people end up losing their driving skills, and what might that mean?

2021-02-17 - Gary Hilson

The Automotive Memory Journey: A Busy Road Ahead

Autonomous vehicle rollout is slower than expected as data growth speeds up...

2021-02-03 - Junko Yoshida 

New User’s Guide to Address Level 3 Autonomous Modes

Engineers guide their AV development work based on SAE Levels. But where is the manual consumers can study before they…

2021-01-29 - Junko Yoshida

Q&A with Qualcomm’s Automotive Honcho Nakul Duggal

Qualcomm held this week its own virtual event — dedicated to the automotive sector — to pitch itself as a…

2021-01-27 - Egil Juliussen

2021 Auto Industry Outlook: Where Autonomous Vehicles Will Stand

It is time to do some speculation on what may happen with autonomous vehicles in 2021. Last year was somewhat…

2021-01-20 - Egil Juliussen

US NHTSA is Defining Safety for Self-Driving Cars

U.S. NHTSA has made a good effort in researching and proposing its ADS safety framework under trying circumstances. The Autonomous…

2021-01-19 - David Benjamin

CES 2021: AI Is Both Miraculous and Dangerous

Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua and New York Times pundit Thomas Friedman agreed that the world needs the machines infused with…

2021-01-15 - Junko Yoshida

Consumer AV in 2025: When It’s Time to Take a Leap of Faith

The idea of a “consumer AV” in 2025 requires a leap of faith for most industry watchers...

2021-01-14 - Junko Yoshida

CES 2021: Mercedes-Benz Driving In-Cabin AI & Software-Defined Vehicles

CES 2021 has clarified an emerging theme among automakers: First comes in-cabin AI, followed by software-defined cars...