2021-09-13 - George Leopold

Tesla Bot, or Not?

Elon Musk's latest AI initiative gets mixed reviews.

2021-09-07 - David Benjamin

Tesla’s Fatal Error: Defensive driving

Defensive driving is hard for a human intelligence to master. For Tesla's well-meaning but still pretty dumb "Autopilot" to truly…

2021-09-03 - Egil Juliussen

Tesla AI Day Highlights

Elon Musk is going all-in on neural networks. Here's an overview of the chips, systems and software for neural network…

2021-09-01 - Egil Juliussen

AI in Automotive: Current and Future Impact

For the foreseeable future, AI developers must proceed with caution in building safe, robust automated systems.

2021-08-13 - Rev Lebaredian, Nvidia

Synthetic Data: Key to the Future of AI

An AI model is only as good as the data it's trained on, but synthetic data can bridge the gap…

2021-08-12 - IC Insights

Automotive MCU Market to Surge 23% in 2021 Despite Shortages

32-bit MCU designs are expected to generate almost 77% of automotive microcontroller revenues this year, according to IC Insights.

2021-08-11 - Chris Clark, Synopsys

Why Sensor Technology is the Key to Autonomous Vehicles

The current capabilities of sensors, while helpful, are relatively rudimentary when it comes to autonomous vehicles.

2021-08-10 - Egil Juliussen

Changes Ahead in Automotive OTA Software Updates

Over-the-air capabilities are a core function that auto OEMs require to manage their increasingly software-defined cars.

2021-08-09 - Qualcomm Inc.

Qualcomm Offers to Acquire Veoneer

Qualcomm's offer of $37 per share represents an 18% premium to the Magna offer to acquire Veoneer.

2021-07-26 - Egil Juliussen

SPAC Fever Hits Autonomous Vehicle Sector

The SPAC is becoming a key mechanism for AV startups to survive the long development and deployment phase before becoming…

2021-07-09 - Colin Barnden

‘Self-driving is Hard’?! No Duh, Elon

Everyone else already noticed that automotive traffic defines complexity and that self-driving is a difficult thing to achieve.

2021-06-29 - George Leopold

Driverless Car Group Eyes AV Safety Standard

"The Autonomous" begins work on forging a safety architecture.