2020-08-03 - Junko Yoshida

VSI Labs Brings AV Testing on the Road Amid Pandemic

Assume you run a consultancy focused on AV applied research. In the pandemic era, where trade shows have all gone…

2020-07-27 - Egil Juliussen

Software Platforms as Engines of Change: AV Cooperation Overview – Part 2

This is the second part of "Software Platforms as Engines of Change" -- a story posted last week looking at…

2020-07-24 - Egil Juliussen

Software Platforms as Engines of Change: AV Cooperation Overview

Pandemic and safety are overhauling AV's engine of change. In the last two weeks alone, multiple partnerships and acquisition deals…

2020-07-21 - Junko Yoshida

Ford to Cement Mobileye’s Lead in ADAS

Ford Motor Company and Mobileye have announced an expansion of their partnership, with plans to integrate improved ADAS across Ford’s…

2020-07-21 - Colin Barnden

Blog: What Is Going On At Mercedes?

What is going on at Mercedes? I’m lost for words at developments coming out of Stuttgart these last couple of…

2020-07-14 - Colin Barnden

Autonomous Vehicle: Complex or Complicated?

Why is self-driving so hard and so complex? Humans have walked on the moon, split the atom and flown faster…

2020-07-09 - Junko Yoshida

Interview: How Waymo’s Lidar Plan Works

Among all self-driving car developers, Waymo is currently the only company making its lidar commercially available. But Waymo's partners are…

2020-07-09 - Intel

Mobileye and WILLER Partner on Self-Driving Mobility for Southeast Asia

Mobileye, and WILLER announced a strategic collaboration to launch an autonomous robotaxi service in Japan and markets across Southeast Asia,…

2020-06-30 - Colin Barnden

Blog: Will Mercedes-Nvidia Deal Bring ‘Autonomy’?

Mercedes-Nvidia deal announced last week: Do you see the pivot? Privately-owned passenger vehicle autonomy is out, but automated is in...

2020-06-29 - Junko Yoshida

Mercedes Ends BMW Partnership, Elopes with Nvidia On Self-Driving

Mercedes-Benz has partnered with Nvidia to develop an in-vehicle computing system architecture for software-upgradable ADAS vehicles for 2024 launch