2017-06-15 - Steve Taranovich

Why Altera FPGAs are big part of Intel’s 5G strategy

The 5G MTP system with which Nokia and Ericsson are interested is Intel’s 3rd-Generation 5G MTP which will be operational…

2017-06-15 - Steve Taranovich

Tracing Intel mobile trial platform’s evolution

The third generation of Intel’s 5G MTP has mmWave array capabilities for 2x4, 4x4 and 8x8 Dual-polarisation (POL) arrays.

2017-06-15 - Steve Taranovich

MTP, vehicle safety and autonomous cars

Intel has opened an autonomous driving lab in Silicon Valley, which is expected to generate 4TB of data every 90…

2017-06-12 - Hannes Birk, Sigmund Zaruba

3D measurement of magnetic fields for gear selectors

This application note describes how Infineon's TLE493D-W1B6 sensor provides precise and energy-efficient 3D magnetic field detection for applications such as…

2017-06-12 - Hannes Birk, Sigmund Zaruba

Gear selection in mid-range cars

The authors show how TLE493D-W1B6 sensor provides precise and energy-efficient 3D magnetic field detection in mid-range cars.

2017-06-09 - Infineon Technologies

Power PROFETs replace relays, fuses in cars

Infineon claims its FETs offer over 1 million switching cycles and replace several components, including relays, fuses, relay drivers, cables…

2017-06-08 - Jonas Grönvall, Peter Slama

Ingredients for efficient powertrain electrification

In this paper, Infineon Technologies shows that 'full-featured' gate drivers and high performance rotor positon sensor system ease drivetrain electrification…

2017-05-22 - STMicroelectronics

ST, Allystar join forces on GNSS

Using Allystar’s partnership in GNSS/BeiDou solutions, STMicroelctronics will be better equipped to address the growing demand for GNSS positioning technologies…

2017-05-18 - Vivek Nanda

Infineon joins top 10 semicon vendor club

Infineon has joined IC Insights top 10 semiconductor vendor ranking on the back of performance in the automotive sector, while…

2017-05-17 - Toshiba

Toshiba packages 60V, 100V photorelays in S-VSON4

The additions to Toshiba's photorelays packaged in S-VSON4 target DPS applications that require voltage variation for automotive ICs.

2017-05-16 - EE Times Asia

1,200V SiC diodes achieve up to 40A current ratings

The automotive-grade diodes feature low forward voltage drop for optimal efficiency in electric vehicle applications, according to ST.

2017-05-16 - EE Times Asia

X-Fab, Exagan make GaN-on-Silicon on 200mm wafers

The new GaN-on-silicon devices have been built using substrates fabricated at Exagan’s 200mm epi-manufacturing facility in France.