2021-07-27 - Colin Barnden

Magna’s Deal for Veoneer Eliminates Some Roadblocks

When will tech investors wake up and stop burning billions on all things self-driving?

2021-07-27 - Skyworks Solutions Inc.

Skyworks Completes Acquisition of Silicon Labs’ Infra and Auto Business

Skyworks has completed its $2.75 billion acquisition of Silicon Laboratories' Infrastructure & Automotive business.

2021-07-26 - Egil Juliussen

SPAC Fever Hits Autonomous Vehicle Sector

The SPAC is becoming a key mechanism for AV startups to survive the long development and deployment phase before becoming…

2021-07-22 - Nitin Dahad

Edge Processing Bridges Automotive Data and Insurance Gap

Automotive data has been hard to monetize. So NXP and Moter have a new platform enabling deep access to vehicle…

2021-07-20 - Synopsys Inc.

Samsung Foundry, Synopsys Collaborate to Accelerate ISO 26262 Compliance for Automotive SoCs

Samsung Foundry has collaborated with Synopsys on its VC Functional Safety Manager solution to accelerate ISO 26262 compliance for semiconductor…

2021-07-19 - Egil Juliussen

What’s the Latest on AV Regulation?

The last six months or so have seen a trickle of activity in AV regulation. What we have so far…

2021-07-14 - Egil Juliussen

Rethinking Automotive Electronics Networks

It's a matter of time before the auto industry has to ditch the CAN bus. The transition to electric vehicles…

2021-07-12 - Nitin Dahad

EV Hypercars: Pushing the Limits

From the Goodwood Festival of Speed: what's driving the development of EV hypercars.

2021-07-09 - Colin Barnden

‘Self-driving is Hard’?! No Duh, Elon

Everyone else already noticed that automotive traffic defines complexity and that self-driving is a difficult thing to achieve.

2021-07-08 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics Launches Highly Integrated Automotive LED Driver

STMicroelectronics' ALED6000 automotive LED driver keeps the lighting intensity consistent as electrical conditions within the vehicle fluctuate.

2021-07-08 - Brian Santo

ADAS Sensors Create a Cleaning Nightmare

Vehicle sensors are going to get occluded by heavy rain, spattered by mud, and coated with splattered bugs. Now what?

2021-07-07 - Fujitsu Semiconductor Memory Solution Ltd

Fujitsu Starts Mass-production of Automotive-Grade 4Mbit FRAM

Fujitsu Semiconductor has started mass-production of 4Mbit FRAM devices suitable for automotive and industrial robot applications.