2022-01-20 - The Executive Team, Keysight Technologies

Technology Predictions from an Electronic Design and Test Thinktank

Keysight executives comment on the shape-shifting business operations and technology trends that are unfolding through the lens of the pandemic.

2022-01-13 - Dana McCarty, Flex Logic

Five AI Inference Trends for 2022

AI inference has been marching towards the edge at super-fast speeds. Here are five top trends for the sector during…

2021-12-21 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Oculi Tech Mimics Human Eye

Oculi's pixel design means its vision sensor can deliver smart events or actionable metadata to improve power and latency for…

2021-12-14 - Rob Telson

The Status of AI at the Edge? It’s Complicated

True AI at the edge, meaning running neural networks on the smart device itself, is a thorny set of problems.

2021-12-10 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Edge Impulse Raises $34M, Triples Valuation

The embedded machine learning development platform vendor expects to double its workforce in 2022.

2021-12-09 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics Enhances Tool for ML Applications Development

NanoEdge AI Studio Version 3 is the first major upgrade of the software tool for machine learning applications that ST…

2021-11-12 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Cerebras Eyes Global Expansion With Latest Cash Infusion

The wafer-scale chip company plans to expand its workforce by 50 percent in 2022.

2021-11-10 - Pablo Valerio

Regulators Consider Adopting Rules for AI

We need to make sure that the information people see online is not fueled by obscure functioning of platforms' algorithmic…

2021-10-26 - GlobalData

GlobalData: China Emerges as Powerhouse for AI Unicorns

Despite the regulatory shakeups and the COVID-19 pandemic, China has emerged as a powerhouse for AI unicorns.

2021-10-22 - Sharan Srinivasan and Brian Tuan, Samsara

Optimizing Connected ML Algorithms

Where to place your machine learning code—in the cloud, on an edge device, or on-premise—always involves tradeoffs. Here are some…

2021-10-12 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Rain Neuromorphics Tapes Out Demo Chip for Analog AI

Combined with ongoing work on a training algorithm for analog neural networks, the result could be a huge reduction in…

2021-10-05 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Qualcomm Takes on Nvidia for MLPerf Inference Title

MLPerf Inference scores have become a two-horse race. Qualcomm, Nvidia and Intel all made the case they'd scored moral victories.