2022-03-14 - Efficient Power Conversion

EPC, Analog Devices Collaborate on DC-DC Converters Using GaN FETs

EPC and Analog Devices introduce reference design using a new Analog controller fully optimized to drive EPC GaN FETs.

2022-03-09 - Analog Devices Inc.

Analog Devices Investing €100M to Expand Europe Operations

Analog Devices will invest €100 million over the next three years in ADI Catalyst, a 100,000 square foot custom-built facility for…

2022-02-15 - Brandon Hurst, Analog Devices Inc.

Accelerating Peripheral Monitoring in Low Power Wearables with DMA

This article explains the use cases, advantages, and disadvantages of utilizing DMA in embedded systems programming and how it interacts…

2022-02-07 - Analog Devices Inc.

Analog Devices Step-Down Buck Converter Reduces Space in Multi-Cell Battery Applications

ADI's MAX77540 step-down buck converter provides single stage power conversion in multi-cell battery applications, such as AR/VR headsets, LMRs, and…

2021-12-13 - Analog Devices Inc.

Analog Devices SoC Drives 5G Radio Efficiency and Performance

The RadioVerse SoC provides radio unit developers with an agile and cost-effective platform to create the most energy efficient 5G…

2021-09-02 - T.J. Fure and Gabino Alonso, Analog Devices Inc.

A New Era in Space Products: Radiation Tolerant Commercial Space Devices

The demand for innovation in space products has never been higher.

2021-08-27 - Analog Devices Inc.

Analog Devices Completes Acquisition of Maxim Integrated

Analog Devices has completed its acquisition of Maxim Integrated.

2021-04-20 - Arrow Electronics Inc.

Arrow Electronics and ADI Grant a Child’s Request for a Pet Dragon

Working with suppliers and customers, Arrow Electronics helped nonprofit Make-A-Wish Colorado grant a child's wish for a pet dragon and…