2016-09-22 - Linear Technology

Automotive controller targets dual battery systems

The LTC3871 provides bidirectional DC/DC control and battery charging between the 12V and 48V boardnets.

2016-08-22 - Toshiba

Toshiba pushes high-speed MOSFET rating to 900V

These MOSFETs represent low-current supplements to Toshiba’s existing DTMOS IV line-up of 800V superjunction DTMOS IV devices.

2016-08-08 - Tatsuya Takemoto

Renesas to shut down microwave device business

The decision will be accompanied by a shift in the focus of Renesas’ compound semiconductor device business to optical devices.

2016-07-25 - Linear Technology

15dB gain block delivers 47dBm OIP3 linearity

The LTC6433-15 simplifies wideband design and allows easy cascading with minimal external components.

2016-07-19 - Artesyn

Nonisolated converter features up to 14V input voltage

For applications requiring higher current, up to four units can be connected in parallel to supply up to 320A as…

2016-07-18 - Toshiba

ICs cut down power consumption at 3V supply voltage

A low-power circuit design secures a nearly 46% current reduction and peak current consumption of 3.6mA at 3V supply voltage…

2016-07-11 - Linear Technology

Step-up DC-DC converter operates from up to 25V range

It utilises a fixed 2MHz switching frequency, enabling designers to minimise external component sizes and avoid critical frequency bands.

2016-06-28 - Susan Nordyk

42V input-capable buck regulator works at 175°C

The LT8610AX’s electrical parameters are 100% tested at 175°C, offering VREF accuracy to within ±2% over the entire operating temperature…

2016-05-26 - IDT

Constant linearity tech boosts RF digital VGA performance

The F1455 family maintains high linearity over a wide gain control range, significantly improving Tx system performance.