2022-11-02 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics Expands Portfolio of 5V Op-amps

STMicroelectronics has added the TSV782 high-performance dual op amp to its 5V family.

2022-10-04 - Diodes Inc.

Automotive-compliant Precision Op-Amps Aimed at Different Signal Frequency Scenarios

Diodes' new precision op-amps are designed to address the need for advanced signal conditioning in modern automotive designs.

2022-09-07 - Magnachip Semiconductor Corp.

Magnachip Launches Third-Gen 200V MV MOSFETs

Magnachip's third-gen 200V Medium Voltage MOSFETs are suitable for light EV motor controllers and industrial power supplies.

2022-09-01 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics Dual Op Amp Drives Power-hungry Industrial, Automotive Loads

STMicroelectronics' dual high-output amplifier simplifies circuitry for driving inductive and low-ohmic loads in industrial applications and automotive systems.

2021-07-07 - Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon TRENCHSTOP 5 WR6 Family Improves Isolation Voltage Rating

Infineon's 650V TRENCHSTOP 5 WR6 family is optimized for PFC for residential and commercial air conditioning systems.

2021-01-25 - STMicroelectronics

Compact 60V DC/DC Converters Maximize efficiency at Light Load

The STMicroelectronics L7983 is a compact, 3V-60V, 300mA synchronous DC/DC buck converter with flexible, dynamic-mode selection to satisfy noise-sensitive applications…

2021-01-18 - STMicroelectronics

High-Voltage Converter IC Enables Robust Power-Converter Solutions

STMicroelectronics hs added the VIPer31 compact high-voltage converter IC to its VIPerPlus series, enables robust power-converter solutions that deliver excellent…

2021-01-04 - STMicroelectronics

50MHz Precision OP Amp to Boost High-Speed Signal Conditioning & Current Sensing

ST TSV792 dual 5V op amp combines 50MHz gain-bandwidth with precision attributes including low input offset voltage and extremely low…

2020-10-12 - Maxim Integrated

Buck-Boost Controller Enables Automotive USB PD Ports

MAX25430 slashes design size up to 40 percent and eliminates microcontrollers, metal enclosures and heat sinks for 25 percent lower…

2020-09-15 - IDC

China Wearable Device Market Picked Up 4.1% YoY in 2Q20

IDC indicated that China's wearable device market shipped 26.58 million units in 2Q20, an increase of 4.1% YoY...

2020-09-14 - George Leopold

Chips and Fabs Help Increase Our Virtual Connections

The unexpected consequences of the pandemic are showing up in forecasts for production equipment and microprocessors...

2020-08-18 - Junko Yoshida

How Safe is Safe Enough? Explore ADAS Benchmarking for Vehicle Safety

“How safe is safe enough?” is the nagging question that lurks in every discussion of fully autonomous vehicles. Now, as…