2022-07-22 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Consumer Products Could Soon Feature Neuromorphic Sensing

In this interview with Prophesee CEO Luca Verre, we discuss Prophesee's approach to commercializing its retina-inspired sensors and where the…

2022-07-21 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Reverse-Engineering Insect Brains for New Algorithms for Collision Avoidance, Navigation

Startup Opteran is working on navigation and movement algorithms inspired by honeybee brains.

2022-07-20 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics NanoEdge AI Studio Now Supports On-device Learning, Inferencing in Intelligent Sensors

STMicroelectronics' NanoEdge AI Studio machine-learning design software now supports smart sensors that contain ST's embedded ISPU.

2022-07-15 - Sally Ward-Foxton

AI Transforming Medical Device Development

With over 350 FDA–approved medical devices using AI, the technology is enabling portable MRI machines, foolproof ultrasounds, and more.

2022-07-05 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Google Celebrates MLPerf Training Wins

Google, Graphcore, and Habana submit scores for brand new hardware accelerators while Nvidia sticks with 2-year-old A100.

2022-07-01 - Malaysian Investment Development Authority

AI4S Program Highlights AI’s Relevance to SMEs

The AI4S Booklet is a testament of the relevance of AI applications for business processes, including SME companies.

2022-06-24 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Neuchips Tapes Out Recommendation Accelerator for World-Beating Accuracy

Taiwanese startup Neuchips has invented and patented a new number format, FFP8, which gets close to BF16 prediction accuracy.

2022-06-16 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas to Acquire Reality AI

Renesas is enhancing its endpoint AI capability with the acquisition of Reality AI.

2022-06-02 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Ayar Labs and Nvidia to Collaborate on Optical I/O Chiplets

Optical chip-to-chip company, Ayar Labs, begins to build an ecosystem with its strategic investors such as Nvidia.

2022-05-25 - Ron Martino, Robert Oshana, Natraj Ekambaram, Ali Osman Örs, and Laurent Pilati, NXP Semiconductors

Edge Computing Intelligence

Here's a look at the benefits of machine learning inference at the edge, and what designers need to know regarding…

2022-05-23 - IBM

Study Shows Steady AI Adoption Amid Skills Shortages, Process Automation Trend, Sustainability

Global AI adoption is growing steadily, and most companies already use or plan to use AI.

2022-05-23 - Anna McCowan, Keysight Technologies

Integrate and Test Your Tech Stack to Drive Business Growth

Building an integrated technology stack or "tech stack" plays a vital role in enabling business growth.